INF328 - Elements of programming languages

INF328 - Programmeringsspråkelementer

Spring 2017

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Course outline and curriculum:

The seminar is reactive, and the content is adapted to the wishes of the participating students.

This semester the course started with covering the Magnolia tutorials. Then the students presented papers on abstractions for high performance computing and testing of generic code.

INF328 is a 5 study point course available to Bachelor, Master and PhD students. Some programming background is needed. The course is small enough to be taken in addition to the regular study program, or it can be expanded with a selected reading to fill a regular slot in the studies.

The contents of the course is expected to change the next time it is provided.

Reading Material

There is no specific text book. The curriculum will consist of technical notes, possibly a few papers and discussions related to the material's content. Active student participation is expected, both in presenting sections of the papers and in the discussions.

The reading list is provided as the course evolves.


Lecturer and course responsible: Magne Haveraaen
Teaching assistant: none

Schedule for lectures and seminar groups

The course commences Tuesday 17 January 2017 (week 3). Teaching will be in the form of lectures, student presentations, discussion, exercises and time off for self studies.


The course is pass/fail based on sufficient activity during the semester.
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