VIP'S, The Vogon Interdimensional Poetic Society, proudly invites everyone and her grandmother to

Quartercon 97

- the very first Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention in Bergen, Norway.

Quartercon regrets to announce that due to Norwegian alcohol legislation, people under 18 cannot attend events where alcohol is served. As Quartercon intends to have alcohol served on the premises, we have thus been forced to set a minimum age for attendance at 18 years of age.

Opening hours, Friday 15/8: 16.00 - 02.00
Opening hours, Saturday 16/8: 11.00 - 02.00
Opening hours, Friday 17/8: 11.00 - 18.00
Programme starts one hour after opening on all days

Yes, that's right. You, just you, now have the chance to become historic! Imagine being in attendance at the very first SF convention in a town! Now, we know that for some, the chance to become part of history isn't sufficient basis on which to make the decision of whether this particular convention is a priority. Which is why we put up the following data, the answers to the most central questions in any person's life:
- When? August 15 to 17, 1997.
- Where? The Academic Quarter, Bergen, Norway.
- Who? The guests of honour are Ingar Knudtsen and Katharine Kerr.
- What? Our programme is centered around the process of Building universes.
- Money? Yes, please. The current price for attendance is NOK 200.
- How? Send us the money, and your registration form.
- Lunch? Sure. We do eat occasionally in Norway, as well.
Now, in spite of all the above, you may not yet have decided whether this is really the convention for you. Maybe you worry about language? Maybe you worry about expences? Maybe you worry about who this Bergen, Norway person is, anyway? To answer these, and a number of other questions, we have seen fit to create the magnificent, extensive, fabulous, Quartercon FAQ!

An electronic version of Progress Report 1 and Progress Report 2 are also available. And if you're wondering whether a trip to Norway in August is worth the trouble, check out the information on the Second Northern Tolkien Festival in Oslo, August 8-10, 1997.

For more information, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the maintainer of these pages, Bjørn Tore Sund.

Our sponsors are:

Valhall A/S, Tiden Norsk Forlag A/S, The University of Bergen student's cultural fund, and The city of Bergen.