The now discontinued TSR AD&D world Al-Qadim have been categorized as one of the best product-lines TSR have put out in a very long time. One of the things that is missing in the line, is a players guide. Here is an attempt at, not making a players guide, but a brief players introduction to the world of Arabian Adventures, Al-Qadim.

The text is separated into several parts, each with it's own page. The first thing to read for new players is the Introduction. Where to go from there depends on how much you know already, and what you are particlularly curious about. One of the things you should check out, is the Kit description, briefly describing the different roles your character can have within Zakharan society.

A list of new proficiencies should be read while creating your new character, and most players should be interrested in the new rules introduced in Al-Qadim. All enlightened Zakharans are religious, and so the brief description of Zakharan religion is essential reading.

If anyone has any comments to these pages, things I have left out, things I should have left out, or if you want me to mail you a copy, send me a mail on