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In The Art of Fencing pages you will find two ways of accessing the faq. You can browse the complete index and step through the faq page by page, or you can browse the index parts of part I, II and III and step through those. The htmlified faq pages is available in a ftp page in several formats for browsing locally. All text written below this line is by Morgan Burke, maintainer of the faq.

This is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) with answers, compiled for the UseNet newsgroup It is intended to reduce repetitive discussions on the Net by addressing commonly raised topics. This document is maintained by Morgan Burke ( Contributions, corrections, and suggestions are welcome.

Most of the questions and answers pertain to FIE (Olympic) Fencing; Japanese fencing (kendo, kenjustsu, iaido, etc.) is treated in a separate FAQ list ("Japanese Sword Arts") that can occasionally be found in the newsgroups or rec.martial-arts, or on the IAIDO-L mailing list (see section 3.8 for details). The Japanese Sword Arts FAQ is maintained by Neil Gendzwill (

The Fencing FAQ is presented in three parts:


Author: Morgan Burke (
Contributors: special thanks to Suman Palit, Guy Smith, Greg Dilworth, Kevin Taylor, Eric Anderson, Blaine Price, Steve Hick, Kim Moser, David Glasser, Bryan Mansfield, Donald Lane, Ann McBain, Hagen Lieffertz, Mark C. Orton, Mike Buckley, Dirk Goldar, Scott Holmes, Arild Dyrseth, David Airey, Renee Mcmeeken, Marc Walch, Eric Speicher, Anton Oskamp, Bernard Hunt, Francis Cordero, Kent Krumvieda, David Van Houten, John Crawford, Kim Taylor, Brendan Robertson, Ivo Volf, Kevin Wechtaluk

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