The r.s.f-faq:

Each chapter has a pointer to the next.
  1)  What sports and martial arts comprise fencing?
  2)  Which is the best weapon?
  3)  What are some good fencing movies?
  4)  Is fencing going to be eliminated from the Olympics?

For Beginners:
  5)  Does it hurt?
  6)  What is the best weapon for a beginner to start with?
  7)  How long does it take to become good?
  8)  What qualities make a good fencer?
  9)  How much does it cost to get involved in fencing?

For Experts:
  10) What kind of cross-training will help my fencing?
  11) Everything you always wanted to know about right-of-way.
  12) Are flicks legitimate attacks?

  13) How do I find a good fencing club?
  14) What kind of equipment should I buy?
  15) Where can I order or buy equipment?
  16) What organizations control fencing?
  17) Bibliography
  18) Glossary

The new faq, part 1 (1994-sept-2) and part II.


Author:  Morgan Burke (
   Contributors: many helpful suggestions made by Suman Palit and Guy Smith;
   some fencing supply house addresses obtained from Greg Dilworth
   and Kevin Taylor; USFA address and some books suggested by Eric
   Anderson;  British sources supplied by Blaine Price;  some
   bibliographic info from Steve Hick.

(C) 1993, 1994 Morgan Burke
Permission is granted to copy and distribute all or part of this document
for non-profit purposes.