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Course INF252 on Visualization (visualisering)

Stefan Bruckner et al., spring semester (in English), 10 ECTS

This course (INF252) is an introduction to the field of visualization.  It is the central course for the UiB Master study programme in informatics with focus on visualization (MAMN-INFVI). 

image is based on a visualization by Markus Hadwiger at


Visualization ...

... is the use of computer graphics (as well as of other necessary informatics technology) to provide insight in usually large and complex datasets

Application domains of visualization ...

... are medical diagnosis & treatment planning, ground exploration (to evaluate oil&gas reservoirs), weather forecast presentation, and many more. 

Visualization technology ...

... comprises volume rendering (for 3D visualization), texture advection (for flow visualization), linking&brushing (for interactive visual analysis), and much more. 

Examples of visualization ...


... are  (a) 3D visualization for planning the resection of a tumor from the liver,  (b) the interactive visual analysis of large & time-dependent 3D CFD simulation data (computational fluid dynamics),  and (c) the joint visualization of thousands of filled questionaires from CRM (customer relationship management)


This course aims at teaching a basic understanding of visualization.  After (successfully) finishing INF252, students know what visualization is, what visualization is good for, and how visualization is done (for a reasonable subset of relevant visualization cases/approaches).

Structure of course INF252

INF252 on visualization is composed of three main parts. 

Students attend a lecture of two hours per week - this is the central (theoretical) part of this course. 

  schedule & room info. is provided during semester via the Mitt UiB portal for INF252.

Noteattendance is very much recommended!  It is difficult to successfully pass the exam otherwise.  Since there is no book for the course, all relevant information (especially also for the exam) is provided in the lectures. 

Additionally, there is a papers hour (about one hour per week) in which selected papers are discussed. 

  reading assignments (RA) are provided during the semester via the >Mitt UiB portal for INF252.

Students read the RA until the day before the papers hour and hand in a short review via eMail. 

Lecture and papers hour are accompanied by work on course assignments (account for ca. half of the course). 

  course assignments are provided at particular dates during the semester.


There is no special book which accompanies the course, related material can be found in articles (mostly) as well as in selected books. 

  related material is provided during the semester.

Note:  Due to the lack of an accompanying text book, it is very much recommended to attend the lectures. 

Teacher(s) & Contact

Stefan Bruckner: responsible teacher & lecturer - contact Stefan Bruckner (via if you have any general question concerning the course or in particular with respect to the lectures / papers hours



The Course INF252 on visualization is taught in spring.
Per-semester information for INF251 is available on Mitt UiB.


INF252 on visualization is given in English.  Also the exam is in English, accordingly. 


Two years of basics in informatics (e.g., from a Bachelor study programme in informatics), esp. in programming, are required. 

It is (very much!) recommended that students take a course on computer graphics (e.g., UiB course INF251) before INF252. 


INF252 on visualization is the central course of the UiB Master study programme in informatics with focus on visualization (MAMN-INFVI).  It should be taken in the first semester of these Master studies. 

INF252 is an important basis for most other parts of these Master studies on visualization (such as course ''special topics in visualization'', the project in visualization, and the Master thesis project). 

Embedding of INF252 in MAMN-INFVI


The evaluation of INF252 on visualization is a combination of

  the performance during an exam (oral exam),

  the results from the course assignments, and

  participation, esp. also during the papers hour

To successfully finish INF252, students have to pass the exam with a result of >50% (a).  They also have to deliver sufficient (>50%) results from the assignments (b).  The participation in the course (c), esp. in the papers hour, also counts into the evaluation


Students get 10 ECTS (when successfully finishing, of course).


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