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Course INF219/INF319: Project in Visualization (prosjekt i programmering)

Individual coach from VisGroup, fall or spring semester, 10 ECTS

This course (INF219/INF319, project in visualization) is about realizing a programming project in visualization.  INF219 is an important course in the UiB Master study programme in informatics with focus on visualization (MAMN-INFVI). INF319 is a course that can be taken as part of the PhD study programme. 

image = result from a previous student project at Univ. of Vienna


The INF219/INF319 project on visualization is a well-specified limited programming project which should be finished in one semester (when investing about one third of the available 100% studying time). 


With this INF219/INF319 project on visualization students get into concrete touch with the field of visualization. Usually an INF219/INF319 project is tied to one of the running research projects in visualization. 


Project topics will typically be related to one of our current research projects. Please see our publication list for examples of potential subject areas. For further information or if you want to discuss a proposal for your own topic, please contact Prof. Stefan Bruckner or Prof. Helwig Hauser.

Results from finished projects

We present information about finished INF219/INF319 projects here (most recent up)

  Brambilla, Andrea (fall 2013)

  Lidal, Endre M. (fall 2012)

  Lind, Andreas (spring 2012)

  Hisdal, Sondre (fall 2011)

  Waage, Jonas (spring 2011)

  Kehrer, Johannes (spring 2011)

  Daae Lampe, Ove (spring 2011)

  Bendiksen, Morten (spring 2010)

  Lie, Andreas (fall 2008)

  Sture, ěyvind (fall 2008)

  Refnes, Peder (spring 2008)

  Topland, Jostein (spring 2008)

  Johannessen, Robert (spring 2008)

  Nes, Gisle (fall 2007)

  Birkeland, Aasmund (spring 2007)

Teacher(s) & Contact

Individual coach from VisGroupcontact your individual coach (via if you have a question related to the project in visualization

Ida Rosenlund: course administration - contact Ida Rosenlund (via with respect to administrative questions



The course INF219/INF319, project in visualization, is offered in fall and in spring semester. 


The language of communication in course INF219/INF319, project in visualization, is either English or Norsk, depending on the language capabilities of the individual coach. 


Two years of programming experience are required. Many of the INF219/INF319 projects on visualization will be programmed in C/C++ or Java and OpenGl. 

Structure of course INF219/INF319

Programming is central to the INF219/INF319 project on visualization. Additionally, literature has to be researched (up to a limited extent) to access information that is important for the solution of the project. Upon completion of the course, the project is also briefly presented in the scope of the VisGroup. Documentation of the project is also included within the course, of course.


INF219/INF319, project in visualization, is an important course in the UiB Master study programme in informatics with focus on visualization (MAMN-INFVI).  It should be taken in the second semester of these Master studies. 

Embedding of INF219/INF319 in MAMN-INFVI


You get a pass/fail dependent on whether you successfully complete the project. This includes documentation and presentation of the project at the end. 


Students get 10 ECTS (when successfully finishing, of course).


 Last change: Endre M. Lidal, 2013-06-11