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Course INF251 on Computer Graphics (grafisk databehandling)

Stefan Bruckner et al., fall semester (in English), 10 ECTS

This course (INF251) is an introduction to the field of computer graphics and it is targeted at students at the end of their Bachelor studies (or in the beginning of their Master studies).  It is the most important preliminary for the UiB Master study programme in informatics with focus on visualization (MAMN-INFVI). 

image the PhD thesis of Stephan Mantler (Univ. of Vienna)


Computer graphics ...

... is a sub-field of computer science which usually deals with the creation and manipulation of visual and geometric content.

Main topics in computer graphics ...

... are geometry (representation & processing of surfaces), rendering (reproduction of light transport), viewing, modeling (object representation), and others. 

Applications for computer graphics ...

... are data visualization (SciVis, InfoVis), computer aided design (CAD, e.g., in architecture), special effects & animations (e.g. in movies), computer games, digital art, virtual reality, etc. 

Examples of computer graphics ...


... are (a) photorealistic rendering of a scene (including shadows, reflections, transparent materials, ... image created with POV-Ray), (b) real-time rendering of a realistically illuminated building model, (c) computer graphics in the movies. 


The course INF251 aims at conveying a basic understanding of computer graphics technology.  After (successfully) finishing this course, students know what computer graphics is, what computer graphics is good for, and how computer graphics is done (technically).

Structure of course INF251

INF251 on computer graphics is composed of three main parts. 

Students attend a lecture of (max.) 4 hours per week. 

  schedule & room info. is provided during the semester via the Mitt UiB portal for INF251.

Noteattendance is very much recommended!!  It is difficult to successfully pass the exam, otherwise. 

Students also solve exercises and discuss the solutions in separate (weekly) meetings (max. 2 hours). 

  course exercises are provided during the semester via the Mitt UiB portal for INF251.

Students solve the exercises before the meeting - every student presents his/her solution 3*/sem. 

Lecture and exercises are accompanied by work on course assignments

  course assignments are provided at particular dates during the semester.


The course uses the textbook Computer Graphics with OpenGL, 4th Edition by Donald Hearn, M. Pauline Baker, and Warren Carithers, Pearson, ISBN-10: 0136053580, ISBN-13: 9780136053583. 

Additional material will be provided during the semester.

Teacher(s) & Contact

Stefan Bruckner: responsible teacher & lecturer - contact Stefan Bruckner (via if you have any question concerning the course in general or with respect to the lectures / exercises in particular

Sergej Stoppel: exercises & assignments - contact Sergej Stoppel (via if you have a question with respect to the exercises or the course assignments

Ida Rosenlund: course administration - contact Ida Rosenlund (via with respect to administrative questions ( can - or should - be used as a generic eMail address, instead)



Course INF251 on computer graphics is taught in fall

Per-semester information for INF251 is available on Mitt UiB.


INF251 on computer graphics is given in English


Three semesters of basics in informatics (from the Bachelor programme in informatics), esp. in programming, are required.  The programming languages expected to be used for the course assignments are C/C++.


INF251 on computer graphics is a course in the UiB Master study programme in informatics with focus on visualization (MAMN-INFVI), but it may also be taken as an elective course already in the Bachelor studies of computer science.

INF251 is an important basis for all of the Master studies on visualization (such as course ''visualization'', the project in visualization, etc.).  However, it is also valuable on its own and with a focus on other application fields. 


Embedding of INF251 in MAMN-INFVI


The evaluation of INF251 is a combination of

  performance during a written exam,

  results from exercises, and

  results from course assignments

To successfully finish INF251, students have to pass the exam (a).  They also have to deliver sufficient results from the assignments (b) and from the exercises (c). 


Students get 10 ECTS (when successfully finishing, of course).


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