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Below we provide some selected information on our cooperation network. Due to administrative reasons only some information is given here. In other places around here more information about our network is available.

Local network (in alph. order)

International network (in alph. order)

Bergen Bildebehandlings Gruppe (BBG)

  logo of BBG group

Together with BBG: BBG+Vis seminar; joint research work; MedViz initiative; ...

Christian Michelsen Research AS

  logo of

Together with CMR: PhD student exchange program; joint project work; ...

instituttet (IMR)

  logo of

Together with IMR: cooperation in research; ...

Helse Bergen

  logo of

Together with Helse Bergen: cooperation in research; ...

MedViz Initiative Bergen

Together with MedViz: strategic involvement, scientific cooperation; ...

  logo of


SimVis GmbH
(Vienna, Austria)

  logo of

Together with SimVis: joint research work; ...

VisGroup @ TU Wien (Austria)

  CI of

Together with joint research work; exchange of teaching; ...

VRVis Research Center (Vienna, Austria)

  logo of

Together with VRVis: joint research work; ...

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