Institutt for Informatikk
Universitetet i Bergen
I 125 - Innf°ring i Programoversettelse

Voluntary Exercise Set 6 (Gruppe°velser. 6)

  1. This exercise is a variant of the programming exercise 4.40 (a) on page 194 of the text. Here, you are asked to give only pseudo code for the procedures error, exp, term, and factor of the recursive-descent calculator program given in Figure 4.1 (pages 148-149). Your pseudo code should implement panic mode error recovery as outlined in Section 4.5.1. If you rely on any procedures other than match, scanto, or checkinput, provide pseudo code for those as well.

  2. Exercise 5.1 on page 250 of the text.

  3. Exercise 5.8 parts a, b, c, and d on page 252 of the text.