Project Part 2 - Syntax Tree Structure

This part can be solved and handed in groups of two.


Design a syntax tree strcuture for C- suitable for generation by a parser. You can do the exercise in groups of two.


Deadline for hand in is Friday 18th October 10:00 am.

Contents of hand in

The answers handed in must include:

The prints may be handed in in the box marked "I125" outside the reception at the department on the "4th" floor, HIB (Thormølens gate 55).

The problem

You are asked to design a syntax tree structure for C- suitable for generation by a parser.

This syntax tree structure has to be implemented in Java.

The syntax and semantics of C- is described on pages 492-496 of the text book.

Hints how to treat different program constructions can you find in section 3.7 of the text book.