What is this?

This is a preliminary version of Part I of an on-line text on universal algebra with a strong emphasis on applications and examples from computer science.  The examples are provided in an interactive framework employing special built-in calculators.

The text is offered free-of-charge by Wagner Mathematics.  Comments and suggestions are welcomed (  Please do not copy portions of the text or programs without giving credit to Wagner Mathematics.

Part I of the text introduces the following basic algebraic concepts

and illustrates them with numerous interactive applications to computer science topics including

Navigating the Text

The text can be navigated using the table of contents,   To bring up the Table of Contents click on the  the button labled "T.O.C." in the upper frame.  Some chapters contain subsections which are accessed through links.  These subsections are included in the table of contents, and are followed by an asterix.

To bring up a UA-calculator click on the  button labled "UA-Calculator" in the upper frame.  The clicking of the button will cause an "alert box" to appear --  you must click the "OK" button in that alert box to get the calculator and text to appear (this awkward two step process seems to be necessary to get around some peculiarities in JavaScript or lacks in my understanding of JavaScript).
The calculator can  be removed by reclicking the "UA-Calculator button).

To bring up an index of definitions click on the button labled "Index" in the upper frame and then click on the name of the item for you wish to see the definition.