Installing Cgipp on a PC

Most pcs lack a compiler except for some pathetic attempts by MS-DOS to include *BASIC in the standard distribution. I have just tested the PC-version on Borland C++ 4.5 and I am very interested in talking to people with other compilers for porting it flawlessly to those compilers.

Borland's compiler is impressively fast (at least compared to g++ which I am used to from linux, but it does not beat SGI's C++) and is imho pretty easy to port code to. There is in many ways two ways to use the compiler, either through the DOS interface (Makefiles) or the Windows IDE (Project files). I have provided an older makefile (not tested for v0.3 yet but should work with some patching) and a project file (Cgipp.ide) for the IDE. The easiest thing to use is the project file but the makefiles are probably easier to port to other compilers and easier to understand for us unix-people (Sheesh! you mean I can use a GUI for compiling?).

Notes for all PCs: If you run into trouble because the files are read-only use the command: attrib -r filename. Older versions of Cgipp had troubles with long filenames, and it was recommended that for 16-bit compiling that one unpacked it to 8.3 format and for 32-bit compiling used the long filenames. This problem should not be interesting anymore.

Notes for makefiles: Most of what is in the unix-installation guide applies here so check it out, but there are some differences remember:

Notes for IDE: Using the project-file is probably the easiest thing and it will probably give you good results with the least work. Remember to set the appropriate defines in the project options for a proper library (libadmin, debug and log is all I guess). Check the makefile for DOS for other defines you may want.

If you run into other problems, have suggestions, etc., contact me by email at and I usually answer pretty quick (except in weekends)