PC Version <-> Unix version

There are some small differences between the PC and the unix version and I have tried to collect them in this document.

  • PCs do not have the 30 second safeguard to clean up wild scripts that the unix-systems have. This is due to the lack of good signal-handling in DOS. Your code will be equal, but the library does not give you the extra security.
  • PCs has no user-system so the getUserPath() in the Toolbox will only return a dummy string.
  • PCs do not have symbolic links, so the isLink() function in the Toolbox will return the value 0
  • The random functions works on 32-bit long on a PC and on 32-bit int on unix machines. Use the typedef MYINT for portable code.
  • If your system is not compatible with POSIX, you cannot use any of the directory-functions in the Toolbox yet. I am working on a version which will allow you to use direct instead of dirent on non-POSIX systems/compilers. [Borland did surprisingly have dirent.h but I do not know about other PC-compilers]