current projects
LAngband a Lispier Angand
Software Development Foundationa public release is out
S14 a hyperjump?
succesful projects
A.H.A.D.evolved to become SOFU
Cgippversion 0.3 is released and documented
Dragonlandsvirtual fantasy world
Macbeth/Glossaica genuine tragedy.. but all's well that ends well (CVS-tree avail.)
Norwegian Silvera praised art-exhibition (uses AHAD)
Software Documentation Systemeventually became Software Development Foundation
SOFU(Hypermedia system) worked for 3+ exhibitions and will continue to work
S.P.A.M.single player adventure module, made for the dragonlands
projects on drawing board
S14From the various sketches and notes it can be nifty
projects canceled:
Industrializationcanceled until further notice
VCgipptoo much fuss
QDSshould be part of SDS
SToolsfussy... included in SDS and SOFU
Talking Canvasit worked.. proved a concept.. no need to fuss more
F.U.B.A.RscummTM-inspired engine and interpreter for linux
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