About this little witch

Do you like pictures? Click here for a version with images.

What can I say about me that would interest anyone but myself?
I'm tiny. I'm a fake redhead. I have blue eyes. You can find a picture here .

My name? 'Sidsel' will do for now.
My net alias? Lomerana. More on that person may be found here .

I'm a practicing wicca... you want full tradition name? Right.. *takes deep breath* Eclectic Pantheistic Solitary with mostly Greek but some Norse leanings.
That long enough for you?

I love cats. I love drawing. I love Starwars. I love cooking and eating. Not necessarily in that order.

Of this site:

These pages will be fixed a LOT. E.g., when I get my artistic paws on a scanner, I'll put up my own pictures, rather than shamelessly use others' (though I _did_ get their permission!). The project pages will have a dragon border, and the main, links and current page will have both a dragon and a lightsabre. Also all first letters of the titles will be illuminated/ calligraphed, and there will be lots of specific artwork scattered across the project area.

Guess why I'm putting up a text only version of all pages...*grin*