About this little Witch

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What can I say about me that would interest anyone but myself?
I'm tiny. I'm a fake redhead. I have blue eyes. You can find a picture here of me, and here of my favourite animal.

My name? Sidsel Horvei.
My age? born 1976.

I'm a practicing wicca... you want full tradition name? Sorry, don't have one. I practice the way I like; rejoycing at the sight of the everchanging moon, greeting the sun every morning, welcoming the Lady and Lord to be with me at meals, and letting them charge food and drink.
I celebrate the wheel of the year at whatever dates seem the most practical at the time (which means that last year's Beltane was 26. April, and this year's 12. May...), although I strive for there to be some traditional meaning to the day. I spread my wings to the full moon, and pull my energy in to a small flame with the new moon. I call the Goddess by Her names in whatever mythology I can remember; and so She is both Hestia and Brigid at Imbolc, and both Volve and Hecate when the moon is dark. I likewise welcome the Lord in His aspects of Odin and Thoth, Christ and Pan.
I work mostly alone - partly by choice. I prefer to compose a ritual after my own desires and whims, than adhere to a previously written set of instructions. I do ritual now and then with friends, to give myself some semblance of social life, and to have someone to talk religion, spirit and ritual with.
My rituals are quite varied.. Sometimes it is all silence and gesture, sometimes it is elaborate with figurines, symbols, song, music and (attempted) dance. Sometimes it is just a few words before dinner, sometimes it takes the evening. Sometimes indoors, sometimes outdoors. I have no rule to my religion, but the Rede.

I love cats. I love drawing. I love cooking and eating. And I love my dearest one. Not necessarily in that order.

Of this site:

These pages will be fixed a LOT. E.g., when I get my artistic paws on a scanner, I'll put up my hand drawn pictures, rather than bitmaps. There will also be lots of specific artwork scattered across the project area.

Guess why I'm putting up a text only version of all pages...*grin*

Also I hope to write up more specifics of my beliefs, one day. (Yes I do have some specifics...)