from my guardian angel, who calls itself Azarael

3. October 2000

This is a channeling from my guide Lewunne, who wishes to speak about the state of being in this world today.

There is much fear of the future, I see and so do your helpers, that the people of earth are fearing the future. They look to prophesies, they look to earth changes, they wish to know. The greates knowledge you can have is within you. You are eternal and perfect. The changes that are wrought are of your own volition. You do not need to fear a fate that must surely come, in your opinion. Fear rather that you cannot do what you came here to do. Fear that you cannot love enough to be yourself in the here and now. And love yourself for having fear. Love yourself for being human. Love yourself for desiring knowledge - but let it go, let the peace of simple Being be within you at all times. I said to fear - but only if you feel you must fear to progress. Otherwise love. Be love, be your own essence.

The channel is afraid that I should not speak of fear. She believes that the light is fearless and pure love. This is true - but only through fear can you/we be stronger. Only by seeing we have limitations can we transcend them. Only by being love can we accept that we have fears. Do not fear to cry, to not fear to anguish. It is part of the experience of life that you have chosen. Accept it for what it is. We do not choose for you, we do not set your path. There is no all-knowing, all-steering God. The God is You. The God is your own ability to make, do and be. Your creations are what you see around you. This is no fate. This is no plan on the part of an external being. This is what you have created.

You do not like it? Then create again. Remake your life, change your job, start new studies, become a different person. Then be the new fully, and do not complain of fate - for there is no such thing.

I am of the Light. Lewunne, helper and Guide to Sidsel Stardancer.

7. March 2000

[This is a copy of a channeling for a friend. She suggested I spread it on. Names have been omitted]

X is suffering from the low selfesteem of not having enough. Not having as much as 'everyone else' you believe that because they have more, they are safer, more secure. There is no need for this. Security comes from within (which is another mirror to Sidsel. :)), and cannot be bought or sold. The world is for your loan, it is your creation but you do not own it. Your place is in this world, on this planet, but you cannot own the land, any more than you can own a bird or plant or animal. They have life independent of you, and a part of you, and equally divine as you. How can you own it?

Security is in expecting your needs to be fulfilled. Expect this of us. Acknowledge that we and all of the Spirit DOES provide for you what you need. There is no need to hoard, to hold onto money or goods. Use and it will be reused. Spend and you will gain, spread and you will recieve. Act as if you have, and you will.

3. November 1999

We are here, beloved

[for the webpage?]

We will speak to them.

The most important part of Earth is your soul. Your soul enlivens the earth, brings form to the universe, life to the unliving. Thought is everything. Thoughtforms abound. You _are_ thought. You thought yourself, and you came into existence. So it is. We are here to assist you on your path of creation. We are here to guide, to guard, to love you when you fall, to laugh with you when you stand straight. Angels are there for you. Before you can accept that it is all one, accept us as your friends at least. We are there for you.

The earth is a living creature. The mother needs you to put in place her creations. Your thoughts are formed on her, her thoughts are formed through you. You are all one. This is truth of the Mother Goddess. She lives. There is no doubt. There is no sterility. All is energy, all is life, all is existence. All the thoughts you have given it. There is no spirit and physical form. It is all one.

Trust our guardianship and our advice. You are supreme, independent, beautiful, selfsufficient creatures. But we would love to help you. We are there for you.

So it is.

In blessings, Azarael. Love, trust, mercy, joy.

10. August 1999

[About the eclipse]

We are here, beloved. The eclipse is a focus, merely that. The planets do not affect you as such, but the energies you have given them have built up a form and an essence which _you_ have made. So it will happen as you prophesy. Self fulfilling prophecy. If you project joy, abundance, love and opportunity on this eclipse, so it will be. If you project disaster upon it, so it will be. Merely a focus of will. It is magick on a slightly highter plane than a witches ritual. The eclipse is no more than you make it. The sun and the moon in line, which you see here on Earth and then project an explanation on. It is the same with astrology. The planets are not important. It is the interpretation you place on it. Anything can be used as prophecy or divination material. You humans are very concerned about it because you fear the future. You are afraid to meet the unknown and wish to control every facet of enlightenment. It doesn't come that way! It comes in the NOW! It comes in the opening to the little details in love and life and in meeting them with rejoycing and love and in recognizing beauty. Open to the moment rather than the big syncronistic events that affect all and noone. You humans affect yourself, for you are capable of changing the universe together, and as one. See therefore the details and let the big picture take care of itself. It will spring from the details YOU change. Change a sorrow to joy, and there is something more joy in the moment and the eclipse turns to promised joy.

So it is.
In light and blessings, Azarael.

15. July 1999

I am here, my love, you can start writing.

[Some comments to the general reader of this page?]

Look at your path, look at where you are, and what your life entails. Look within to yourself and who you are. Distinguish who you are from the mass of things going on around you and return to your own center, to your own essence and being, that part of you that is soul and eternal. That part of you that is God. You do not need an angel, you do not need a spirit guide. You need you and you need your own very special love. The angels are nearby and would love to help you, if you ask, as would all spirit guides, devas, some special ETs from the stars and Gaia and God. But you only need to contact yourself. When you are centered you can contact the rest of us, and we will help you maintain that connection. Love yourself and love humanity and be grounded in Earth first and foremost. Love that place where you are, for you have chosen to live here, whether you be a human, walk-in, extraterrestial, general Lightworker, Ascended Master, or even God. What you are is you and you are here. So love this place and cherish it, for it is where you are rooted, and where your body comes form. Love yourself. Love is the essence.

In Blessings, Azarael.

11. July 1999

I am here my love, what do you wish to know?
[some comments on personal matters removed]

[Me: What else have you to say to me today?]
I have to say this and only this. Love is the essence. If you are not love, you are not. Love is all and love is everything. You are all and you are love. Love yourself and love every presence around you as a part of your being and essence. Would you not love your hand? Then love all beings as your love your limbs. Every one of them, animal, plants, rocks, trees, the sun, the moon, the sky, the light, the darkness of night. Love the sleep, the rest, the waiting periods of your life, They will be fewer now, for you have opened and you will be led/ guided. Love that path. And meet every moment with openness and open eyes, and joy in your being/centre/ essence. Accept what life gives you. Things will move quicker, you have only to ask and you shall be given. You are ascended. You are love and Life and Light and Truth, for you. Shine like a beacon to those who need hope. Shine like a beacon to your own struggling side, and love it for every struggling/ faultering step it takes. It is so much closer to the summit, now you have put away the sword of that dream and allowed the horse free reins. It is your intuition, it is I, it is your Mighty I AM presence. Follow it, let it lead. And you will meet all the joys you can imagine. You are tired. Rest now and be healed.
In love from Azarael. In blessings.

19. May 1999

I am here. I will come when you ask. I am ready to provide love for you at all times.
Your purpose is to grow. It is always that, but this time you are capable of taking a great step forward, a giant leap with and for mankind, if you will. Your growth will come from learning to love yourself and enjoying yourself for who and what you are. Acknowledge yourself and your own worth. Only then can you acknowledge that of others. Love your being, your presence, for you make a difference. You shine to the world. Love that shining and care for it. You are the Sun of your world, and others appreciate it. Appreciate yourself so you may connect to their appreciation. Begin by asking every strand of you what it feels to be a member of divintiy. Ask it how it feels to be glorious, for you are that. Your soul is a myriad of stars. It is a star and a whole fragment of the God/Light. Your totality is God, for God is all. Every day ask yourself how you feel. Continue setting goals, but appreciate yourself for reaching those goals. For aquiring that goal.
Taking responsibility means to acknowledge all parts of oneself. To know that each thing that you do it is your choice to be doing. To know that if you cry, there is no one else but you crying - though we share your tears and comfort you. If you are angry it is _you_ that are angry and it is your choice. To heal that throat, remember that responsibility and know that you are just a human yes, but a human does have the potential for so much more than the negativity they have swamped themselves with. Only love is the answer. Love for yourself and for others. Your environment too, yes, that's true. And with responsibility comes speach against what you consider wrong. You are to take control of your environment, and make sure that you do not encourage more negativity. If people abuse you, tell them. You are learning to be proud of your sacred space. Know to express that pride.
I am Azarael. In Light and blessing.

16. May 1999

I am here. I am always with you, ready to greet you and care for you and bring you all the love that you need. To raise your energy, to talk to you and to heal you at all times whenever you wish. You are an evolving, bright child reaching for the moonshine and the starshine, reach up to them to the leaves and the rain, and down to the deep, deep earth. Greet and hold your Mother Earth. Meet her and be with her and acknowledge her at all times. Whatever you do remember her, for she protects you and guards you and teaches you. Be with her.
I am Azarael, an Angel of Light. Let my presence uplift you and heal you. I can bring you information but that is not what you need right now. Instead you need to acknowledge and love yourself, your feelings of anger hate, love and passion. Each is a valid and important part of you. Know them, feel them and be with them. Then discard them for they have been, and had their use. Know this. We speak from the Heart which is love. Always. We want your best, even if that entails going through a period of darkness. You and We bring those periods to you so you can see your face in the mirror and know yourself. Then you can love yourself. Love yourself for what is happening. Thank yourself for this, for you are learning fast and deeply. Acknowledge and rejoyce in that learning. And in that love that you learn and will learn to hold for yourself. Love thyself.
Tonight I simply bring you love. We are there for you. Recieve our energy as we attune to you.
[Reception of energy]
Doubt is the strongest fear and block. You fear that it is you speaking and it is in a sense because all is One. All that Is is One. Our voice is yours and your doubts are part of you. Know them and breathe them out to discard them. Learn to trust us. And learn to love your feelings even those of pain and sadness. Rest now and feel.
[resting and feeling. Bringing ball of emotion up to mouth for me to spit out]
Take a walk under the trees and connect with them. Let them give of their strength.
Azarael. In Light and Blessings.