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Aries - the Ram
Cardinal Fire, ruled by Mars, this sign is all action and intuition, but no patience. It is the pioneer and the hero, but not the leader. Selfconcerned and brash, but also romantic and enthusiastic. Aries makes resident planets more forceful and impulsive. They are at the forefront of everything, and love to take the lead. They are personal and ego-oriented. It is the new-born child crying "Me!"
In Tarot it is the Emperor; the force of domination, energy and desire for leadership.

Taurus - the Bull
Fixed Earth, ruled by Venus, here is patience, money, pleasure and strength all in one. Slow to anger, but a volcano when brought to the brink. It is traditional, loyal and steady, but also stubborn, hoarding and materialistic. The value of possessions. Planets here are slowed down and given a material, sensual slant. They express themselves more patiently and through ownership. The toddler has learnt to distinguish 'mine'.
In Tarot it is the Hierophant; structured philosophy, dogma, values learned from those gone before.

Gemini - the Twins
Mutable Air, ruled by Mercury, this sign is flighty thought and brilliant logic to the core. Changeable opinions and a myriad of ideas, but no practicallity or depth. The value of the intellect. Geminian planets are given an intellectual slant, and become changeable and quick. They express themselves readily with words, but tend to analyse themselves rather than be. The child has learnt to speak.
In Tarot it is the Lovers; seeing several sides of the story, but must choose one of them to pursue. Choice between the past and the future.

Cancer - the Crab
Cardinal Water, ruled by the Moon, combines to nuture and empathise. It is care, mothering and sensitivity, but also emotional blackmailing, smothering, clinging and secretive manipulation. Easily wounded and family oriented. Resident planets become more emotional and volatile, but also tenacious, caring, and sensitive to others. They will lead and take charge, but prefer to do so underhanded. The young child clinging to the mother's hand.
In Tarot it is the Chariot; Controlling the surroundings through judicious use of manipulation.

Leo - the Lion
Sound ye trumpets! Fixed Fire, ruled by the Sun, is the bonfire warming the masses and the queen on her throne. Royal, loyal, steadfast and honourable, but also arrogant, superior, dominating and icy towards those that fall from favour. A strong reluctancy towards sharing the throne. Planets in Leo become more dramatic, arrogant, warmer and colder, loyal and dignified. They will shine brightly for all, but seldom change their ways. The teenager believing himself the centre of the universe.
In Tarot it is Strength or Lust; use of a balanced combination of Might and Mercy to aquire dominance. It is a gentle Strength.

Virgo - the Maiden
Mutable Earth, ruled by Mercury, is the analyser and disecter of the zodiac. Happy to be in the shadow of others, she works diligently and precisely in her quest for perfection. The downside is heavy criticism - also of self - coldness and pickiness. Resident planets are exacting, focused and precise. They are given a material, practical slant and a great ability to work behind the stage. The virgin judges her universe.
In Tarot it is the Hermit; quietly seeking and sifting through his faults. The light on the inner path.

Libra - the Scales
Cardinal Air, ruled by Venus, weighs an argument against logic and estetics. Harmonious, romantic, just and discerning, but also contrary, indecisive and pleasurable. All sides must be known and considered before a judgement can take place. Planets in Libra express themselves harmoniously and sensually, with a mental slant. They are balanced, but often wavering and indecisive. It is time for a permanent relationship, and the person must consider other people.
In Tarot it is Adjustment or Justice; the balancing of forces, the adjustment of one's own qualities, action and reaction of Karma.

Scorpio - the Scorpion, Eagle or Lizard
Fixed Water, ruled by Mars and Pluto, this sign is not to be trifled with - though they are hardest on themselves. They must explore their depths, know their selves, experience the essence of existence - and even then they are not satisfied. Secretive and arrogant, but their code of honour is followed to the letter. Goodness is rewarded in kind, evilness.. well it depends on the type. Lizards will crawl into a hole and blame themselves, scorpions will match eye for eye and tooth for tooth, but eagles will simply ignore the matter and the person, rising above vengeance. Resident planets become intense, introvert and focused. They are arrogant, but death defying and highly sexual. They aim to break down all borders between Self and the Universe.
In Tarot it is Death; the destruction of all that is not nescessary for further growth, the killing of the old Self, so that a new may come forward.

Sagittarius - the Archer Centaur
Mutable Fire, ruled by Jupiter, combines to create a happy-go-lucky philosopher. Searching, learning, exploring the horizons, shooting for the stars, but apt to stumble over a stone on the road, smile sheepishly - and get up again. They are honest to the point of tactlessness, playful, puppyish and hedonistic, but also firm advocates of Truth, and the expansion of personal horizons. Resident planets are given a vision and a seeking, aiming quality, and express themselves truthfully, energetically and playfully, but with little tact.
In Tarot it is either Temperance; the mildening of the human nature with the spark of the Divine, or the Tower; the potentially destructive but enlightening arrows of lightening.

Capricorn - the Goat-fish
Cardinal Earth, ruled by Saturn, gives the climber. Hard working, ambitious, practical, down-to-earth, and an excellent director. Charisma may be lacking, and Goats are often considered dry and humourless. They do have feelings, but are loath to show them even to their nearest and dearest. Concerned with status and status symbols, and also hierarchies. Achievement is important to them and they are loath to cheat. They are always eager to prove their abilities. Resident planets become chillier but also disciplined, patient, resilient and ambitious. They set a goal and achieve it through their own hard work.
In Tarot it is the Devil or Horned One; the value of matter, but also the illusional and temporary bond between Spirit and Earth.

Aquarius - the Waterbearer
Fixed Air, ruled by Saturn and Uranus, this sign is a study of erraticness. Or just plain odd. Humanitarian, radical, platonic and revolutionary - but they seldom change their own beliefs. Saturn gives them a fascination for a hierarchy; Uranus makes it a weird one - and preferably as flat or anarchist as possible. Many friendships, but none are deep. They are inventive and constantly challenge the ideas of their surroundings. Resident planets aquire a humanistic slant, and become more intellectual and inventive. They work for the common good, but lack depth or practicality.
In Tarot it is the Star; hope, inspiration, the flow of intuition and inovation from the higher spheres into the soul.

Pisces - the Fishes
Mutable Water, ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, this is the mystic, the visionary, the dreamer. No substance, everchanging emotions, sensitive, secretive and reflective. It is religious devotion - but also escapism and drugs. On the brink of death and seeing eternity. Resident planets are given a mystic slant, they are changeable in their outlook, and flow with the currents of life. They become more intuitive and wise, but also passive and dreamy.
In Tarot it is the Moon; deceptions, illusions, but also the rythm and flow of life from birth to death to birth again. It is dreams and visions.


Passion, intuition, will and power - extrovert; Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

Stability, matter, work and sensation - introvert; Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo

Intellect, thought, mental faculties and logic - extrovert; Libra, Aquarius and Gemini

Emotion, sensitivity, instinct - introvert; Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces


Action, the wheel is set in motion, leading; Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn

Status Quo, the wheel continues, steadfast; Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius

Flowing, follows the wheel, changing; Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces.

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