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Sol, Helios, Apollon, Sun
The sun is the centre and essence of our being. He is the light inside, unfiltered by other planets. He is our 'male' side - the part of us that acts - our willpower. The sun is the greatest part of the personality, the true Spirit. The sun is the Ego, it is what we seek to become. Without the sun, we would not exist. The Sun shows where we concentrate our energy, and what we must acknowledge and integrate to become whole. It is the activity of the Lord in His guise as all animals. The principle of Yang.
Kabbalistically he corresponds to yellow Tiphareth, the sphere of centrality, integrity, wholeness, sacrifice of the lower for the higher, and Beauty. It is the centre of the Tree of Life.
The Sun rules Leo, where it can shine brightly and warmly as a bonfire among its people.
In Tarot the Sun is the card of that name; bright, triumphant, glorious, illuminating and celebratory.
His chakra is the brilliant white, gold or violet Crown; our seat of Divine essence. It is dampened when we refuse our own immortality, our spiritual presence, our divinity. Overflowing we are God, but we fly on air and have no contact with reality. Balanced, We Are, and we bring healing and enlightenment to those who wish it.
The symbol of the sun is the circle around the dot, reminding us that the Sun is the centre, and all other planets revolve around it. It reminds us that we are the centre of our own universe - as our neighbour is the same. His plants are bright yellow flowers of daytime, bringing vitality and joy. His animals are the white horse, the pelican, the phoenix and the lion.
His stones are white, yellow or golden, or violet.
The sun in the signs and houses.
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Måne, Selene, Nanna, Thoth, Hecate, Diana, Isis, Luna, Moon
The moon is the reflector. She is a mirror to the suns within and without. She is our 'female' side - the part that reacts - our emotions. She is also the mother, our roots, where we find security. When we are down, she nourishes us, when we are happy, she shines with pride. Without the moon we would be cold and isolated. The moon shows how we react, what we react to instinctively, where we find safety, and our relationship to our own feelings. Our feelings shift like the shifting faces of the Goddess; Maiden Mother and Crone.
Kabbalistically she corresponds to violet Yesod, the sphere of intuition, psychic ability, dreams, thoughtforms, illusions and the Foundation. It is the penetrating Spirit.
The Moon rules Cancer, where it can best nuture, feel and change with the phases.
In Tarot the Moon is the High Priestess; mystic, subtle, hiding behind the veil, bringing enlightenment to those who would listen to their soul and the soul of Divinity. She reveals hidden truths, but hides as many.
Her chakra is the indigo Third Eye; our seat of inner sight, and psychic abilities. Dampened she is blind to the Universe, refusing to see, refusing to Know. Overstimulated, she is hallucinating, oversensitive and prone to schizophrenia and similar mental disorders. Balanced, the Moon allows us to see the Spirit in all, pre- and postcognition, clearvoyance, and gives us all other kinds of psychic abilities. The ability to do magick.
The symbol of the moon is the crescent; reminding us of Her ever changing face. Her animals are the elephant, the tortoise, the toad, and all creatures of the night. Her plants stimulate vision and the Third eye, including some hallucinogens and poisons, and her stones are clear, milky white, indigo, violet, white or black. The clear quartz, pearl and moonstone are especially connected to her.
The moon in the signs and houses.
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Merkur, Hermes, Thoth, The Messenger, Mercury
The quickest planet is the mind's filter. It is intellect, sexless and unemotional logic, and the messenger of the psyche. Quicksilver as the name implies, it may be so eager to speak that the message and the messenger are confused. Mercury shows how we express ourselves verbally, and how our minds work. It shows how we pick up information the easiest, but does not imply wisdom. Without Mercury we would be raw instinct.
Kabbalistically it coresponds to orange Hod, the sphere of compartmentalising, order, the intellect and Splendour.
It rules Gemini and Virgo, where the former is its mental ability to communicate and pick up information, and the latter its ability to process information, discern and analyse.
In Tarot Mercury is the Magician; quickness of mind and spirit, learning the basics, the ability to handle several things at once, mental control over the environment.
Its chakra is the blue Throat; our seat of communication and mental control. Pushed down it is disorganised, quiet and introvert, and irresponsible, Overflowing, it is refusal to delegate, brashness and overly talkative. Balanced, Mercury allows us to speak our mind truthfully, and to take responsibility for our environment (mental, physical and spirtual).
Mercury's symbol is a stylised snake enwined staff (crescent above circle above cross) or a combination of the symbols of Venus and the Horned God; thus Hermes/Mercury or the sexless quality of the mind. Its animals are the snakes, the jackal and the magpie, and other animals with high humanlike intelligence. It's plants clear the mind or physically the breathing system (such as C-vitamin rich fruits that can combat colds), and its stones are orange or blue.
Mercury in the signs and houses. Note that it may only be one sign ahead or behind the sun in the zodiac.
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Venus, Aphrodite, Frøya
The cloudcovered planet is the filter of beauty. Venus is our sensual female side; our anima. She desires, enjoys, likes, and dislikes. She compares, and weighs, but with her senses rather than mind. Without Venus there would be no peace or art. Venus relates us to other people, and what we fancy about them. She represents the females we are attracted to, and the part of ourselves that mirror them. She is also pleasure, posessiveness, and the tendency to project feelings onto others.
Kabbalistically she corresponds to green Netzach, which is the sphere of emotions, instincts, and Victory.
She rules Taurus and Libra, where the former is her physical sense of estethics and sensuousness, and the latter is her mental sense of estethics and judgemental ability.
In Tarot, Venus is the Empress; fertility, beauty, natural abundance, love and physical anima.
Her chakra is the green Heart; our seat of love and charity. Pushed down, she is cold and uncaring; overflowing she gives of her energy until nothing is left for herself. Balanced, Venus allows us to love all creatures for their divine worth, including ourself.
Venus' symbol is the mirror in which we project ourself; beauty and vanity, but also the knowing of the Self. Her animals are the cat or lynx, and also the swan and any other animal of the Lady. Her plants have beautiful flowers, or invoke love and enhance looks, and her stones are green or pink.
Venus in the signs and houses. Note that Venus may be maximum two signs ahead of or behind the sun in the zodiac.
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Mars, Ares, Tyr, Thor
The red planet is the filter of energy. Mars is our sexual male side; our animus. He commands, demands, forces and competes. He is action and will, war and power. Without Mars there would be no achievement or passion. There would be listlessness. However, he is also brashness, violence, energy out of control.
Kabbalistically he corresponds to red Geburah, which is the sphere of Karma (action and reaction), courage, and Might.
He rules Aries, and is the coruler of Scorpio. The former brings out his action, the latter turns it inward and uses it for both catharsis and revenge.
In Tarot he corresponds to Temperance (according to Ellen Cannon Reed) or the Tower (according to most others). The former because energy arises from the joining of fire and water (steam power), in their respective pillars (Netzach as Fire and Force, Hod as Water and Form). The latter is most likely based on Mars' destructive ability, like the flame shattering the Tower.
He corresponds to the yellow Solar Plexus chakra; the seat of our personal force and power. If mars is pushed down, we are afraid, timid, and low on selfesteem. If he is allowed to run rampant, we push others down in our effort to stand tall. Balanced, he is pride and humility; selfconfidence and a straight back.
Mars symbol is the spear and shield, formed from a cross above a circle, and his animals are all fighting and powerful beasts (or symbols of sexuality like the horse and stag), or other animals of the Lord. His stones are red and fiery, and his plants hot or spicy.
Mars in the signs and houses.
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Jupiter, Zeus, Odin
The near-sun of the heavens is the near-sun of the chart. Jupiter expands, seeks, envisions and creates. He is plenty, but also exaggeration. Bountiful and hedonistic. Without Jupiter we would not grow. Jupiter shows where we are likely to be optimistic, exaggerating, plain lucky, enthusiastic and gluttonous. He shows what areas we cannot get enough of, but also where and how we express our beliefs, our faith and our personal Truth.
Kabbalistically he corresponds to blue Chesed; the sphere of love, kindness, bountiful flow, and Mercy.
He rules Sagittarius, and is the traditional ruler of Pisces. In the former he is Zeus, the giver of law, but also the woman-chasing hedonist, and the Lord of religion. In Pisces he is faith through devotion, excessive self-sacrifice, and the Lord of spiritual dreams.
In the Tarot he is The Wheel; changing fortune, luck and a vision of hope.
His Chakra is the Hara; seat of emotions, energy, desire and passion. Pushed down, he is cold, repressed, a merciless ruler. Overflowing, he is the hedonistic beast with no thought but for his own lusts and whims of energy. Balanced, he drives us to our goals with strength and energy, sublimates our Kundalini energy to a search for spiritual union, and allows us to know and aknowledge our emotions.
Jupiter's symbol is the crescent above the cross. We search for a spirit over the world of matter, seeking cosmic Laws, and universal Truths. His animals are the horse and centaur, and the unicorn - the healing beast of Faith. His plants bring optimism, joy, money and luck, and may be used for travelling spells. His stones are blue, violet, or orange.
Jupiter in the signs and houses.
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Saturn, Chronos, Jotnene
Ringed planet at the end of our sight, Saturn is the limit. He restricts, binds, teaches and holds. He is the doorway of death, but only through death can we live. He presents the final exam, and we must pass the exam to pass through the door. Without Saturn we would not learn. Jupiter and Saturn describe the essence of balance. He shows where we are blocked from fear, and must learn discipline and patience. He shows the aspects of life we cling the most dearly to, yet must learn to transcend and release. He is Father Time.
In Kabbalah he corresponds to the black sphere of Binah; the realm of form, receptivity, the Dark Mother and Understanding.
Saturn rules Capricorn, where he emphasises his sense of structure, patient building, hierarchy and discipline. Traditionally he is also the ruler of Aquarius, where he builds a community based on ideals rather than ambitions.
In Tarot he is the Universe; the crystalized Form of a project. The end, the fullfillment, wholeness, and preparation for a new cycle.
Saturn corresponds to the red Root chakra, the seat of our groundedness, security and material well being. Underdeveloped, he is restless, flighty, worried, sickly and lacking in food, clothing, shelter and emotional nourishment. Overflowing, we become materialistic, greedy, stubborn and sluggish. Balanced the Root allows us to be healthy in soul and body, generous, practical and grounded. We become Mother Earth.
His symbol is the cross above the crescent, admonishing us to apply in practice all that our intuition and feelings tell us. The symbol reminds us of the value of the Earth. His plants are usually deadly or night-blooming, or resemble the physique in some way. His animals are those of long lives - like the turtle - or connected to his sign like the goat. His stones are black, brown, grey or red.
Saturn in the signs and houses.
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Uranus, Ouranos, Ginungagap
First planet across the border lies on its side and spins the other way. Nothing about Uranus is regular. The higher octave of Mercury is eccentric, unpredictable, lightning fast and plain weird. It brings about revolutions, and ends them as quickly. It governs electricity and science, but also astrology and paranormal activities like ESP. It is brilliant, a genius, a madman, inventiveness, and way off the beaten track. It is nervous and highstrung, and shows where we are apt to find sudden insights, yet be very much the odd one out. Uranus shows where we express the greatest innovations. Without it we would not reach for the higher planes of being.
Uranus has no Kabbalistic correspondence, but some connect it to Ain Soph Aur, the veil of Infinite Light, and some to Chokmah, the grey sphere of force, action, energy, the glowing Father and Wisdom.
Uranus rules Aquarius in modern astrology, where it compels intuition, inventiveness, and the restructuring of the current order.
It has no traditional Tarot correspondance, but some connect it to the air card of the Fool; the starting, headstrong step, changing for the sake of change, beginning merely for the sake of beginning and adventure.
It rules no chakra, but can be said to govern the etheric body; the part of us that shows vitality, and connects the physical body with the spiritual aura.
The symbol is two crescents framing a cross above a circle. This indicates matter formed from both spirit and emotion. It is inventing and creating on the physical plane, yet also placing intuition on the same level as matter. Understanding the equality of all parts of existence. It has no plants, and no known animals except perhaps those that seem extreme in some form (like the giraffe, the fast cheetah, etc.) or generate electricity like the electric eel. Its stones are magnetic, excellent conductors, or flashing with a thousand colours. Its colours are generally electric, flashing, or beyond the spectrum.
A planet of generations, its sign positions are seldom of interest to the individual. Thus I only present Uranus in the houses.
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Neptun, Poseidon, Njord
Second planet beyond the border of the visible, Neptune is our dream of something more.. Mystical and dreamy, the higher octave of Venus presents visions of beauty and visions of madness. The oceans, fish and oil, versus artificial and natural drugs, versus the images of glory, peace and goodness presented to the open by the Gods. Prophesies, channelings, automatic writing and art, miracles, healings, and deep empathic connection with all of humanity. But it is also escapism, falseness, deceptions, illusions and uncertainty. It shows where we may be of greatest spiritual service, where we move with the flow of Spirit, but also where we may be the most confused. Without Neptune we would not see.
Neptune has no Kabbalistic correspondance, but some connect it to Ain Soph; the Veil of Infinity, and some to Kether; white sphere of total union with Deity, merging of all parts, and the Crown.
Neptune rules Pisces in modern astrology, where it compels seeking within, going with the flow of life, visions and escapism.
It has no traditional Tarot correspondance, but some connect it to the water card of the Hanged Man; self sacrifice, giving up the former life for greater understanding, and generally giving so that ye may recieve.
Neptune rules no Chakra, but may have some connection to the Crown, and rules the spiritual aura, swirling with colours to those who can see.
The symbol is a crescent intersecting a cross from above. The three prongs show the union of soul, emotions and body, the crescent above the cross show the rising of intuition from matter. Its plants are most likely those of the waters, like the lotus, and its animals likewise, such as the fish or dolphin. Its stones are the pearl and others of shimmering blue, green, white and pearly colours.
Another generation planet, I only present Neptune in the houses.
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Pluto, Hades, Hel, Hekate
Planet furthest from ours, it is the higher octave of Mars' passion, but also The End, like Saturn. It takes us to our depths and forces us to know. It forces us to meet our ends and see the light of rebirth beyond it. Pluto challenges, and like Saturn's tests, his challenge must be overcome. There is no mercy, and failure will only present to you the test again and again. Hades governs the Hall of the Dead; who passes through the underworld will be changed for ever.
Pluto is the riches of the earth, the riches of mankind's subconscious, and the riches of knowledge. It is gossip, it is secrecy and it is power wielded in the shadows. Without Pluto we do not understand the necessity of death.
Pluto has no Kabbalistic correspondence, though some connect it to Ain, the veil of Nothingness, and some connect it to Daath; the hidden sphere of Knowledge.
Pluto rules Scorpio in modern astrology, where it compels self discovery, intensity, and intimate knowledge of the Shadowside.
It has no traditional Tarot correspondance, but some connect it to the fire card; Judgement. Like Judgement (or Aeon in the Thoth deck by Crowley) it is a last step, and a final step. It is death and rebirth, and the understanding of own limitations and Karma. It is Understanding of Self.
It rules no chakra, but destroys our sense of self and gives us a sense of All.
The symbol is either a combination of the planet's first two letters, or a circle above a crescent above a cross. Emotions and intuition rise above matter in Neptune, and the Spirit shines over all. It has no plants, except perhaps those sacred to its corresponding deities, and its stones are those created in the deep earth, such as lava, diamond, coal, gold and silver, and all other precious materials. Its colours are most likely black and red, and its animals perhaps those of fire or legend (like the basilisk, salamander and possibly phoenix).
Pluto through the houses shows the area of transformation and power.
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Nordlig Måneknute, Dragons Head, North Node
Sydlig Måneknute, Dragons Tail, South Node
The nodes are two ends of a diagonal, two points on a diameter. Where one goes, the other follows. Like the full dragon, both points must be considered for a person to be complete. The south says where you have been, the north where one must go. The south is the habits learned over the lifetimes, our karmic gifts and debts, the north is the habit broken, the gifts we may aquire, the work that will balance the debts. The south is security, the north is the great unknown. We need both to live fully. Exploration and retreat must go hand in hand.
The North and South Nodes through the houses and the signs show our possible path through this life.
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Shaman, healer and mystic - but also a deadly wound that could not kill him. This asteroid has lately popped up in astrological discussions, along with a bunch of others (Juno, Vesta, Pallas, Ceres, etc) which I know little about, but would appreciate info on. I have picked up a bit on Chiron, however, and this is my take on him: He is the wounded healer. He shows where the person (or country or situation or whatever) will receive her greatest blow - and where they with work and dedication, will recieve their greatest skill. Chiron is painful with his lessons, and they may come suddenly and unpleasantly (an interesting study would be on how often they came..), but when the blow has been dealt, you can either whither away with pain, or give up your immortality (egotism) for Prometheus' release (selflessness and the benefit of mankind).
Chiron through the signs and houses
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