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Some C++ notes

Added a few notes on C++. Nothing much there right now, just a few notes on dynamic memory allocation. Maybe I'll add more later.

RWR, Fri Jul 16 15:19:31 MET DST 1999

The book

Oh, fun! A Programmer's Guide to Java Certification; A Comprehensive Primer

RWR, Tue Feb 16 15:42:14 MET 1999

Illustrating patterns in the Java libraries using UML

I prepared a document for a presentation for the Seminar i Objekt-Orientert Teknologi. I assume it only makes a limited ammount of sense when left uncommented, but I've made it available anyway.

RWR, Mon Dec 7 17:19:56 MET 1998


(Norwegian only) Har oppdatert web-siden til seminar i Objekt-Orientert Teknologi med informasjon om seminar serien som går her på instituttet i år. Seminaret administeres av Torill Hamre og Khalid Mughal og vil omhandle temaene CORBA relaterte emner, Java, XML, MIS, m.m.

RWR, Fri Nov 27 15:50:45 MET 1998

Getting up in the morning

One of the nice thing about running an operating system that does not require rebooting ever so often is that you can use it as an alarm clock. My subconscious has figured out how to deactivate my old alarm clock before my higher brain functions has been alerted. Since I have a computer running 24 hours a day nearby, I figured I'd use it to wake me up instead.

Yesterday night, as I was typing sleep 25200; playmusic I realized that the command sleep couldn't have been more aptly named. The command playmusic is a script that will pick random melodies from all the music files on my hard drive and find the correct players to play them. Since I have a quite large collection of SID 6581 music, I am pretty certain that the script will quickly hit upon a melody that is annoying enough to force me out of bed.

My subconscious has not yet learnt to instruct my body to get out of bed, walk to the computer, locate the right xterm and type Ctrl-C before returning to bed, so I currently have no problem getting up in the morning.

RWR, Tue Sep 22 14:35:58 MET DST 1998

New look

I changed the look of the page. Facts about the new layout: Clean, semantic markup (take a look at the source), all presentation is controlled by a cascading style sheet. Doesn't use patent encumbered GIFs. Doesn't use any HTML tricks or hacks. Is not designed for a specific browser. Doesn't require the browser to be sized to a specfic width. Doesn't discriminate against non-graphical browsers. … and probably looks like crap on every browser (sigh).

RWR, Wed Sep 16 12:47:57 MET DST 1998


The old contents of this page was painfully outdated, and has therefore been removed. I'll try to start filling this space with something useful as soon as I get some spare time. Considering how things have been around here lately, t hat may take a while.

Here is a cryptic line of links to places you probably don't want to go to if you don't already know about them. /., FM, LWN, NTK, G, K, E

RWR, 18 Aug 1998

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