Queue analysis for the toll station of the Íresund fixed link

Pontus Matstoms
Swedish Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI)

The bridge and tunnel between Denmark and Sweden, to be opened for traffic in the end of year 2000, will be financed by toll fees. On the Swedish side there will be a toll station for motorists coming from both directions. The toll station will comprise eleven lanes in each direction, nine equipped for card or manual payment and two lanes for automatic payment. Recent forecasts indicate that the traffic on the Íresund Fixed Link will be more than 10,000 vehicles per day in each direction.

In this talk, we present a simulation model and new software (TQA) for queue and capacity analysis of the toll station. The model, developed during the last years at VTI, is based on discrete event simulation. Given a time dependent traffic flow, the model first computes the required number of open lanes. Simulation is then used to estimate a number of different capacity measures, like the expected delay in queue, queue length, risk for long queues etc. In TQA it is then possible to follow the process on micro level by the built-in animation.

In the talk, we will first give a brief introduction to queue and traffic simulation. The model and model assumptions used for the above case are then presented and the TQA software demonstrated.

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