An ongoing popular science blog on Algorithms, Nettavisen, Norway. In Norwegian.

Some popular science appearences in media

A feature story in Bergens Tidende newspaper, 2016, in Norwegian.
I explain how the algorithms of Facebook and Google work, when displaying the most relevant information tailored for each user.

News article about my recent grant in the University of Bergen newspaper, 2015, in Norwegian.

A presentation of algorithms and our group in the university of Bergen's magazine Hubro, 2013, and a preview article about it containing interviews with me, in Norwegian.

OK computer, a shorter version of the above in the international edition of Hubro 2013, in English.

A feature story in Bergens Tidende newspaper, 2012, in Norwegian.
I argue that various areas of computer science are all important to achieve reliable digital systems, also explaining about NP-complete problems.

A presentation movie about University of Bergen, 2010, in Norwegian and in English.
I appear after 3 min. 20 sec. and explain what NP-complete problems are.

A radio interview with Norwegian National Broadcasting, 2004, in Norwegian.
Towards the end of the interview, I explain what an algorithm is.

A popular presentation of my main research interests:


To appear.

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