Photos from conferences, defenses, social gatherings with colleagues, etc:

Dagstuhl seminar 14071 (February 9-14, 2014, Wadern, Germany)

PhD defense of Remy Belmote (November 1, 2013, Bergen, Norway)

Algorithms Hike on icy paths (March 9, 2013, Bergen, Norway)

Lunch with Papadimitriou (August 24, 2012, Bergen, Norway)

Algorithms Hike to Rundemanen (May 28, 2012, Bergen, Norway)

Jan Arne Telle's 50th birthday (May 15, 2012, Bergen, Norway)

Jesper Nederlof's PhD defense (December 09, 2011, Bergen, Norway)

The fifth "traditional" algorithms hike to Ankerhytten (November 2011, Bergen, Norway)

Dagstuhl seminar 11182 (May, 2011, Wadern, Germany)

The fourth "traditional" algorithms hike to Ankerhytten (October 2010, Bergen, Norway)

Algorithms hike to Ulriken (September 2010, Bergen, Norway)

Rodica Mihai's PhD defense (March 15, 2010, Bergen, Norway)

Bergen Winter School in Algorithms 2010 (February 2010, Finse, Norway)

GROW 2009 (October 2009, Bergen)

Daniel Lokshtanov's PhD defense (June 2009, Bergen, Norway)

The third "traditional" algorithms hike to Ankerhytten and Rundemanen (April 2009, Bergen, Norway)

NoNA Spring School in Algorithms (March 2009, Istanbul, Turkey)

An algorithms trip with a small subset of the algorithms group far away from "home" (October 2007, Crater Lake, Oregon, USA)

A hike with the participants of GROW 2007 (October 2007, Florence, Oregon, USA)

Another hike with the participants of GROW 2007 (October 2007, McKenzie Bridge, Oregon, USA)

Algorithms winter school 2007 (February 2007, Finse, Norway)

The second algorithms hike to Ankerhytten (April 2007, Bergen, Norway)

WG 2006 (June 2006, Bergen, Norway)

The first algorithms hike to Ankerhytten and Rundemanen (March 2006, Bergen, Norway)

Algorithms winter school 2006 (February 2006, Finse, Norway)

Workshop on graph classes and width parameters 2005 (October 2005, Prague, Czech Republic)

WG 2005 (June 2005, Metz, France)

CSC 2005 (June 2005, Toulouse, France)

Winter school in algorithms 2005 (April 2005, Geilo, Norway)

WG 2004 and a following visit to Metz (June 2004, Bad Honnef, Germany and Metz, France)

Winter school in algorithms 2004 (February 2004, Finse, Norway)

Winter school in algorithms 2003 (February 2003, Finse, Norway)

Petter Kristiansen's defense (January 2003, Bergen, Norway)

WG 2002 (June 2002, Czech Republic)

Winter school in algorithms 2002 (February 2002, Finse, Norway)

SWAT 2000 (July 2000, Bergen, Norway)

Pictures from my doctoral defense (November 1996).

SWAT 1996 (July 1996, Iceland)

Sparse Matrix Workshop at CERFACS (September 1995, Toulouse, France)