The South-America 50 Finest Mountains ranked by primary factor.

The list below identifies and ranks the 50 South-America mountains with the largest prominence or primary factor. A vertical ascent on foot of at least 600 meter should be honored in order to qualify as a legitimate climb, many peaks will require more.

The primary factor of a mountain is the minimal vertical drop from its summit before one can ascend a higher peak. In terms of map contours, this vertical drop is defined by the first contour that encircles a higher peak and the preceeding (higher) contour line which has the peak in question as the highest point inside its closed curve. Between these two contour lines lies the (usually unique) defining saddle of the mountain.

This list is based on data compiled by Aaron Maizlish and Jonathan de Ferranti, more information can be found here.

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Two stars behind the rank means that I have climbed it (4/50, 5/69).

RankHeightNamePrimary factorCountrySaddleComments
1**6962 Cerro Aconcagua 6962 ArgentinaOceanWestern Hemisphere HP
25775 Cristobal Colon 5584 Colombia Local Only 30 miles from sea
3**6257 Chimborazo 4122 Ecuador Near Olmos, Peru Furthest point from earth's center
4**4988 Pico Bolivar 3964 Venezuela local Cable car almost to the top
56905 Ojos del Salado3700Argentina Paso de las CuevasPissis is no longer a candidate
64058 Monte San Valentin 3696 Chile Near Lake Tranquilo Patagonia HP
75410 Ritacuba Blanca 3646 Columbia Paso de Las Cruces Northern Andes HP
86700 Mercedario 3333 Argentina Paso de las Lloretas TBW
93706 San Lorenzo 3319 Chile/Argentna 46:35:51, 70:55:16 TBW
103580 Volcan Lautaro 3302 Chile TBD TBW
115552 Cerro del Bolson 3252 Argentina/check TBD TBW
******** South-America 3000 meter prominence. **** ** ** **
124150 El Mela 2907 Argentina/check TBD TBW
132994 Pico da Neblina 2886 Brazil tbd TBW
146746 Nevado Huascaran Sur 2776Peru tbd TBW
156097 Nevado de Famatima 2767 Argentina tbd TBW
166570 Cerro Tupungato 2765 Argentina/Chile tbd TBW
174575 Cerro el Manchao 2714 Argentina tbd TBW
185390 Nevado del Huila 2650Colombia tbd TBW
193470 Cerro Tronador 2642 Argentina/Chile tbd TBW
202890 Pico da Bandeira 2640Brazil tbd TBW
213740 Volcán Lanin 2624 Argentina/Chile tbd TBW
222580 Monte Darwin 2580 Chile tbd TBW
234100 Cerro Tamana 2573Colombia tbd TBW
246264 Nevado Salcantay 2540Peru tbd TBW
253160 Mogote Corralitos 2466 Argentina tbd TBW
262596 Cerro Tristeza 2456Venezuela tbd TBW
272765 Pico Naiguata 2455Venezuela tbd TBW
286438 Nevado Illimani 2451Bolivia tbd TBW
296542 Nevado Sajama 2428Bolivia tbd TBW
30**5896 Cotopaxi 2403Ecuador tbd TBW
316739 Volcán Llullaillaco 2344Argentina/Chile tbd TBW
324050 Farallones de Cali 2309Colombia tbd TBW
332832 Cerro Marahuaca 2289Venezuela tbd TBW
343810 Cerro Nevado 2281 Argentina tbd TBW
354050 Farallones de Citara 2280Colombia tbd TBW
362440 Monte Melimoyu 2272 Chile tbd TBW
372723 Monte Roraima 2251Venezuela tbd TBW
383840 Cerro Calima 2242Colombia tbd TBW
392390 Point 2390 2239 Chile tbd TBW
403708 Volcán Nevado 2228 Argentina tbd TBW
412700 Monte Zeballos 2228 Argentina tbd TBW
426405 Nevado Coropuna 2208Peru tbd TBW
432770 Cerro Champaqui 2208Argentina tbd TBW
445887 Cordillera de Ansilta 2205Argentina tbd TBW
453660 Cerro Pintado 2181Colombia/Venezuela tbd TBW
465930 Nevado de Chani 2166Argentina tbd TBW
476176 Cerro Aucanquilcha 2165Chile tbd TBW
486380 Cerro el Libertador 2146Argentina tbd TBW
496795 Monte Pissis 2145Argentina tbd TBW
506280 Cerro de la Majadita 2113Argentina tbd TBW
******** South-America 50 Finest. **** ** ** **
516108 Cerro Marmolejo 2105 Argentina/Chile tbd TBW
522675 Cordillera Castillo 2088 Chile tbd TBW
536372 Nevado Auzangate 2085Peru tbd TBW
54**5790 Nevado Cayembe 2075Ecuador tbd TBW
555319 Cerro Altar 2072Ecuador tbd TBW
564380 Cerro Pircas 2070Argentina tbd TBW
574150 HP Cordillera Vilcabamba (Norte) 2070Peru tbd TBW
582798 Pedra da Mina 2068Brazil tbd TBW
592300 Volcán Maca 2066 Chile tbd TBW
605505 Nevado Sara Sara 2060Peru tbd TBW
612187 Monte Sarmiento 2040 Chile tbd TBW
625300 Nevado del Ruiz 2035Colombia tbd TBW
636617 Cerro Yerupaja 2028Peru tbd TBW
642392 Serrania Guanay 2026Venezuela tbd TBW
656145 Volcán San Pedro 2024Chile tbd TBW
666051 Volcán Socompa 2015Argentina/Chile tbd TBW
672700 Cerro Paine Grande 2013 Chile tbd TBW
682950 HP Cordillera del Condor 2011Ecuador tbd TBW
692950 Cerro Norte 2003 Chile tbd TBW
******** South-America above 2000 meter prominence. **** ** ** **

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