The 100 Finest Mountains in Italy.

This list ranks 100 mountains in Italy according to prominence (primary factor).
We list the top 100, since there are 96 mountains with prominence exceeding 1000 meter.

This data has been derived from work by Eberhard Jurgalski, Jonathan de Ferranti and several other contributors.
See this page for more much more comprehensive lists of world wide prominence.

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Italy has 21 Ultra prominent mountains, including the Sardinia and Sicily HPs and one peak shared with Switzerland.
There are 4 peaks shared with neighbor countries among the top 50.
The top 57 peaks on this list contains 50 peaks that are completely inside Italy, excluding also island peaks.
Among the 100 finest, there are 9 peaks shared with other countries and 7 peaks that are located on the two big islands Sicily and Sardinia.

Two stars behind the rank means that I have climbed it (26/50), (28/100).

RankHeightNamePrimary factorLocationComments
1**3326 Etna 3326 N37:45, E015:00 Sicily HP (island)
2**2912 Corno Grande 2476 N42:28, E013:34 Apennines HP
3**3343 Marmolada2131 N46:26, E011:51Dolomites HP
4** 3841 Monte Viso2062 N44:40, E007:05 Long climb, dangerous rockfall
5** 3905 Ortler 1953 N46:31, E010:33A great climb.
6** 2218 Monte Baldo/Cima Valdritta1950 N45:44, E010:51A very hot day!
7** 4061 Gran Paradiso1891 N45:31, E007:16 Not yet
8** 3050 Pizzo di Coca1878 N46:04, E010:01Very nice scramble
9**2336 Cima Dodici1874 N46:00, E011:28 First World War memories.
10** 1834 La Marmora1834 N40:01, E009:18Sardinia HP (island)
11** 2795 Monte Amaro 1812 N42:05, E014:05 Not yet
12 3263 Antelao 1734 N46:27, E012:16 Not yet
13** 2267 Serra Dolcedorme 1715 N39:54, E016:13 Nice walk
14** 1956 Montalto 1710 N38:10, E015:55 Christian statue
15**2410Grigna Settentrionale1687N45:57, E009:23 Nice hike.
16**2180 Monte Bondone/Cornetto 1685 N45:59, E011:02 Tre Cime
17** 3558 Presanella1676 N46:13, E010:40 Route with a ladder
18** 2472 Col Nudo 1645 N46:14, E012:24 Morning hike
19** 2752Jôf de Montasio 1596N46:36, E013:26 Not yet
20**2165Monte Cimone 1577N44:12, E010:42 Flowers and grass
21**3173Cima Tosa 1521 N46:09, E010:52 Not yet
** ** 21 Ultra Peaks ** ** **
22**1738Monte Amiata 1490 N42:53, E011:37 Not yet
232301Togano 1474 N46:05, E008:24 Not yet
24**2476Monte Vettore 1470 N42:50, E013:17Not yet
25**1765 Monte Grappa 1456 N45:52, E011:48Not yet
263220 Civetta 1454 N46:23, E012:03Not yet
27**2254Monte Cadria 1434 N45:56, E010:42Not yet
282706Cima dei Preti 1420 N46:21, E012:25 Not yet
293221Monte Cristallo 1416 N46:35, E012:12 Not yet
302156Monte Viglio 1410 N41:53, E013:23 Not yet
311686Monte San Primo 1407 N45:55, E009:13 Not yet
322587Monte Canin 1403 N46:22, E013:26 Not yet
333145Cima tre Scarperi 1393 N46:40, E012:19Not yet
341642Matajur 1392 N46:13, E013:32Italy/Slovenia
352486Monte Velino 1370 N42:09, E013:23 Not yet
361535Monte Petrella 1370 N41:19, E013:40 Not yet
373244Tofana di Mezzo 1369 N46:33, E012:04Not yet
381898Monte Cervati 1350 N40:17, E015:29 Not yet
391701Monte Generoso 1317 N45:56, E009:01Italy/Switzerland
402050Monte Miletto 1310 N41:27, E014:22 Not yet
411928Botte Donato 1310 N39:17, E016:27 Not yet
423297Cima Sud Argentera 1295 N44:11, E007:18Not yet
43**1763Col Visentin 1295 N46:03, E012:17Not yet
442586Monte Terza Grande 1277 N46:32, E012:37Not yet
453192Cima Della Vezzana 1273 N46:17, E011:50Not yet
461444Monte Sant'Angelo a Tre Pizzi 1250 N40:39, E014:30 Not yet
472240Piz di Mezzodi 1248 N46:13, E012:02Not yet
48**1976Monte Caplone 1234 N45:48, E010:38Not yet
492188Monte Limidario 1231 N46:07, E008:39Italy/Switzerland
501536Monte Semprevisa 1230 N41:34, E013:06 Not yet
** ** 50 Finest ** ** **
511281Vesuvio 1230 N40:49, E014:26 Famous volcan
523439Cima de Piazzi 1212 N46:25, E010:17Not yet
531505Monte San Simeone 1205 N46:21, E013:06Not yet
543168Monte Pelmo 1191 N46:25, E012:08Not yet
551979Pizzo Carbonara 1190 N37:54, E014:02 On Sicily (island)
561216Monte Linas 1190 N39:27, E008:37 On Sardinia (island)
572259Cima Carega 1185 N45:43, E011:08Not yet
** ** 50 Finest, excluding island and border peaks ** ** **
582547Sass de Mura 1178 N46:10, E011:56Not yet
592458Monte Gorzano 1170 N42:37, E013:24 Not yet
602216Monte Terminillo 1170 N42:28, E013:00 Not yet
611946Monte Pisanino 1170 N44:08, E010:13 Not yet
623279Pizzo Tambo 1166 N46:30, E009:17Italy/Switzerland
632005Monte Sirino 1150 N40:08, E015:50 Not yet
641669Monte Cairo 1150 N41:33, E013:46 Not yet
651598Monte Avella 1150 N40:59, E014:41 Not yet
663436Collalto 1148 N46:55, E012:08Not yet
673553Monte Leone 1144 N46:15, E008:07Italy/Switzerland
682780Hohe Warte 1144 N46:36, E012:53Italy/Austria
693146Croda Rossa 1133 N46:38, E012:09Not yet
701809Monte Cervialto 1130 N40:47, E015:08 Not yet
711491Monte Mottarone 1130 N45:53, E008:27Not yet
721914Monte Verzegnis 1127 N46:22, E012:54Not yet
733181Langkofel 1124 N46:32, E011:44Not yet
743678Monte Disgrazia 1116 N46:16, E009:45Not yet
752195Zuc del Bor 1112 N46:27, E013:16Not yet
761394Monte Taburno 1110 N41:06, E014:36 Not yet
772124La Paganella 1099 N46:09, E011:02Not yet
782842Latemar 1097 N46:23, E011:35Not yet
791469Monte San Vicino 1090 N43:20, E013:04 Not yet
803205Punta Sorapiss 1085 N46:30, E012:13Not yet
813374Cima Viola 1081 N46:23, E010:12Not yet
822232Monte Pasubio 1070 N45:48, E011:11Not yet
831365Monte Limbara 1070 N40:51, E009:11 On Sardinia (island)
841701Monte Catria 1066 N43:28, E012:42 Not yet
852677Mangart 1065 N46:26, E013:39Italy/Slovenia
861738La Marzola 1055 N46:02, E011:11Not yet
873204Piz Sesvenna 1054 N46:42, E010:24Italy/Switzerland yet
881636Pizzo Formico 1050 N45:51, E009:55Not yet
89**1803Monte Misone 1040 N45:57, E010:50Not yet
904478Matterhorn 1031 N45:59, E007:40Italy/Switzerland
911378Monte Torrezzo 1031 N45:45, E009:58Not yet
921601Rocca Busambra 1030 N37:51, E013:24 On Sicily (island)
932548Monte Brentoni 1017 N46:31, E012:34 Not yet
941970Monte Tamai 1011 N46:29, E012:56 Not yet
95**1018Monte Capanne 1007 N42:46, E010:10 Not yet
** ** 95 with 1000 m prominence ** ** **
962348Monte Sirente 990 N42:09, E013:37 Not yet
972285Monte Greco 990 N41:48, E014:00 Not yet
983509Gran Pilastro 981 N46:58, E011:44 Not yet
991857Monte Soro 970 N37:56, E014:42 On Sicily (island)
1001116Monte is Caravius 970 N39:09, E008:50 On Sardinia (island)
** ** 100 Finest ** ** **

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