The 100 Finest Mountains on Islands ranked by primary factor.

The list below identifies and ranks the 100 Island mountains with the largest prominence or primary factor.
These mountains all have a prominence of at least 2000 meter.
A vertical ascent on foot of at least 600 meter should be honored in order to qualify as a legitimate climb, many peaks will require more.

We take the point of view that mountains are on Continents or on Islands.
We define 7 Continents and we associate only COASTAL Islands with these Continents.
The rest of the islands are grouped in a separate category.
The largest island on the planet is Greenland, thus the smallest continent is Australia.

The primary factor of a mountain is the minimal vertical drop from its summit before one can ascend a higher peak. In terms of map contours, this vertical drop is defined by the first contour that encircles a higher peak and the preceeding (higher) contour line which has the peak in question as the highest point inside its closed curve. Between these two contour lines lies the (usually unique) defining saddle of the mountain. On islands, at least one peak (the highest one) will have its prominence equal to its height.

This list is based on data compiled by Aaron Maizlish and Jonathan de Ferranti, more information can be found here.

Confirmed or suspected corrections are most welcome by email to:
Copyright 2000-2008, Petter Bjørstad.
I appreciate that use of these data is acknowledged including a link to my main mountain page.

Two stars behind the rank means that I have climbed it (8/50), (8/100).

RankHeightNamePrimary factorCountryLocationComments
14884 Carstensz Pyramis, Puncak Jaya 4884 Indonesia S04:04, E137:11 Oceania HP, New Guinea HP
2**4205 Mauna Kea 4205 USA N19:49, W155:28 Hawaii HP
3**4095 Kinabalu 4095 Malaysia N06:05, E116:34 HP of South-East Asia, HP Borneo
4**3952 Yü Shan 3952 TaiwanN23:28, E120:57Taiwan HP
5**3805 Gunung Kerinci 3805 IndonesiaS01:42, E101:16Sumatra HP
6**3776 Mount Fuji 3776Japan N35:22, E138:44 Japan HP
73755 Mount Cook 3755 New ZealandS43:36, E170:08New Zealand HP
84175 Finisterre 3734 Papua New GuineaS05:57, E146:23On New Guinea
9**3726 Gunung Rinjani 3726 IndonesiaS08:25, E116:28Lombok HP
10**3718 Pico Teide 3718 SpainN28:16, W016:38Canary Island HP
11**3694 Gunnbjørn Fjeld 3694GreenlandN68:55, W029:54Arctic HP, Greenland HP
123676 Gunung Semeru 3676 Indonesia S08:06, E112:55 Java HP
******** These 12 Island Peaks are in the World Top 50 ****
133478 Bulu Rantemario 3478 Indonesia S03:23, E120:01 Sulawesi island HP
143428 Gunung Slamet 3284 Indonesia S07:14, E109:13 On Java
153265 Gunung Lawu 3118 Indonesia S07:38, E111:12On Java
163069 Piton de Neiges 3069 FranceS21:06, E055:29Reunion HP
173332 Gunung Raung 3068 Indonesia S008:08, E114:03On Java
183055 Haleakala 3055 USA N20:43, W156:15Maui HP
193031 Gunung Agung 3031 Indonesia S008:20, E115:30Bali HP
203027 Gunung Binaiya 3027 Indonesia S003:10, E129:27Seram HP
212986 Foho Tatamailau 2986 East TimorS08:54, E125:30Timor HP
223676 Mount Suckling 2976 Papua New GuineaS009:40, E149:01On New Guinea
232985 Mount Stephenson 2985 AntarcticaS69:49, W69:43Alexander HP
244509 Mount Wilhelm 2969 Papua New GuineaS005:47, E145:02On New Guinea
252954 Mount Apo 2954 PhilippinesN06:59, E125:16Mindanao HP
263466 Gunung Leuser 2941 Indonesia N03:48, E097:13On Sumatra
******** These 26 Island Peaks are in the World Top 100 ****
272922 Mount Pulog 2922 PhilippinesN16:36, E120:54Luzon HP
282915 Mount Paget 2915 United KingdomS54:27, W36:32South Georgia HP
292876 Maromokotro 2876 MadagascarS14:01, E048:58Madagascar HP
302874 Moncong Lompobatang 2857 IndonesiaS05:21, E119:56On Sulawesi
312829 Pico de Cano 2829 Cape VerdeN14:57, W024:21 Fogo HP
323339 Gunung Arjuna 2812 IndonesiaS07:46, E112:35On Java
332797 Ruapehu 2797 New ZealandS39:17, E175:34North Island HP
343078 Gunung Careme 2793 IndonesiaS06:54, E108:24On Java
352940 Pegunungan Arfak 2761 IndonesiaS01:09, E133:59On New Guinea
364760 Puncak Mandala 2760 IndonesiaS04:43, E140:17On New Guinea
373088 Gunung Argopuro 2746 IndonesiaS07:58, E113:34On Java
382745 Mawson Peak 2745 AustraliaS53:06, E073:31Heard HP
394038 Mount Victoria 2738 Papua New GuineaS008:54, E147:32On New Guinea
402722 Gunung Tambora 2722 IndonesiaS08:15, E117:58Sumbawa HP
412715 Mount Balbi 2715 Papua New GuineaS005:54, E155:00Bougainville HP
423030 Fuyul Sojol 2713 IndonesiaN00:35, E120:12On Sulawesi
432700 Gunung Kapalatmada 2700 IndonesiaS03:18, E126:13Buru HP
442582 Mount Halcon 2582 PhilippinesN13:16, E121:00Mindoro HP
452670 Mount Tagubud 2580 PhilippinesN07:27, E126:14On Mindanao
463320 Gunung Sumbing 2577 IndonesiaS07:23, E110:04On Java
472536 Mount Qiautukekea 2536 Papua New GuineaS009:20, E150:12Goodenough HP
482524 Pidurutalagala 2524 Sri LankaN007:00, E080:46Sri Lanka HP
494367 Mount Giluwe 2507 Papua New GuineaS006:03, E143:53On New Guinea
503033 Mount Aspiring 2471 New ZealandS44:23, E168:44 On South Island
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512462 Mayon Volcano 2447 PhilippinesN13:15, E123:41 On Luzon
523159 Gunung Dempo 2446 IndonesiaS04:01, E103:08On Sumatra
532938 Mount Katanglad 2440 PhilippinesN08:07, E124:55On Mindanao
543145 Gunung Merbabu 2432 IndonesiaS07:27, E110:26On Java
552430 Canlaon Mountain 2430 PhilippinesN10:25, E123:08Negros HP
563019 Pangrango 2426 IndonesiaS06:46, E106:58On Java
572423 Roque de los Muchachos 2423 SpainN28:45, W017:53La Palma HP
582370 Poco Mandasawu 2370 IndonesiaS08:39, E120:27Flores HP
592361 Le Kartala 2361 ComorosS11:45, E043:22 Ngazidja HP
602351 Ponta do Pico 2351 Portugal N38:28, W028:24Azores HP
612340 New Ireland HP 2340 Papua New GuineaS004:24, E152:56New Ireland HP
622339 Alaid Volcano 2339 RussiaN50:52, E155:34Kurile HP
632335 Mount Popomanaseu 2335 Solomon IslandsS09:42, E160:04Guadalcanal HP
642334 Mount Ulawun 2334 Papua New GuineaS005:03, E151:20New Britain HP
652912 Gunung Ophir 2324 IndonesiaN00:05, E099:59On Sumatra
662518 Mount Taranaki 2308 New ZealandS39:18, E174:04On North Island
673190 Hotaka-dake 2307 Japan N36:17, W137:39On Honshu
682404 Mount Malindang 2290 PhilippinesN08:13, E123:38On Mindanao
692290 Asahi-dake 2290 Japan N43:40, W142:51Hokkaido HP
704104 Mount Kabangama 2284 Papua New GuineaS006:04, E144:37On New Guinea
712277 Beerenberg 2277 NorwayN71:05, W008:09Jan Mayen HP
722870 Bulu Kandela 2258 IndonesiaS01:18, E121:33On Sulawesi
732241 Mount Orohena 2241 FranceS17:34, W149:28Tahiti HP
743192 Kita-dake 2239 Japan N35:40, W138:14On Honshu
752650 Gunung Mekongga 2220 IndonesiaS03:40, E121:14On Sulawesi
763750 Pegunungan Kobowre 2217 IndonesiaS03:52, E135:52On New Guinea
772200 Milne Land HP 2200 DenmarkN70:47, W026:40Milne Land HP
782723 Mount Tutoko 2191 New ZealandS44:36, E168:00On South Island
792839 Dansketinden 2189 Denmark N72:07, W024:54On Greenland
804169 Mauna Loa 2163 USA N19:29, W155:36On Hawaii
813074 Tanete Gandangdewata 2141 IndonesiaS02:45, E119:22 On Sulawesi
822563 Gunung Liman 2131 IndonesiaS07:50, E111:46On Java
832119 Hvannadalshnukur 2119 Iceland N64:01, W016:40Iceland HP
842117 Mount Madiac 2117 PhilippinesN11:23, E122:10Panay HP
852891 Gunung Marapi 2116 IndonesiaS00:23, E100:28On Sumatra
862111 Buku Sibela 2111 IndonesiaS00:44, E127:31 Batjan HP
872105 Palup Qaqa 2105 DenmarkN71:20, W052:49Upemivik HP
882820 Gunung Cikuray 2103 IndonesiaS07:19, E107:52On Java
892085 Mount Mantaling 2085 PhilippinesN08:49, E117:41Palawan HP
902060 Queen Mary's Peak 2060 United KingdomS37:07, W012:17Tristan da Cunha HP
912316 Nakanai Mountain HP 2056 Papua New GuineaS005:11, E151:50On New Britain
922565 Gunung Tumpu 2054 IndonesiaS01:04, E122:12 On Sulawesi
932050 Sibuyan island HP 2050 PhilippinesN12:25, E122:34Sibuyan HP
942320 Payers Tinde 2045 Denmark N73:08, W026:22On Greenland
952376 Gunung Mulu 2024 MalaysiaN04:03, E114:56On Borneo
962372 Gunung Matebeanfeto 2022 East TimorS08:39, E126:36On Timor
972884 Tapuae-o-Ueneku 2021 New ZealandS42:00, E173:40On South Island
982300 Bukit Raya 2018 IndonesiaS00:40, E112:41On Borneo
992037 High Peak 2015 PhilippinesN15:29, E120:07On Luzon
1002259 Perserajoq 2009 DenmarkN71:24, W051:58On Greenland
******** 100 Finest Island Peaks above here. **** ******
1012230 Pegunungan Gauttier 2007 IndonesiaS02:34, E138:40On New Guinea
******** 2000 meter Prominence above here. **** ******

26 island peaks that have prominence exceeding 2000 meter and not listed above, are listed here for easy reference.
These peaks have been listed with a continent (given in the table below).
Thus, all 127 island peaks with at least 2000 meter of prominence can be found here.

Two stars behind the rank means that I have climbed it (5/26).

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RankHeightNamePrimary factorCountryLocationListed with continent
13794 Mount Erebus3794AntarticaS77:32, E167:10 Antartica
2**3323 Monte Etna 3323 Italy N37:45, E015:00 Europe
33110 Mount Siple3110AntarticaS73:15, W126:06 Antartica
4**3098 Pico Duarte3098 Dominican RepublicN19:01, W071:00North America
53011 Pico Basile3011Equatorial GuineaN03:35, E008:46 Africa
62987 Mount Stephenson 2987 AntarticaS69:49, W69:43 Antartica
72869Shishaldin2869 USAN54:45, W163:58North America
82760 Mount Francais 2760 AntarticaS64:38, W63:27 Antartica
9**2706 Monte Cinto 2706 France N42:23, E008:57 Europe
102680 Chaine de la Selle2655HaitiN18:22, W071:59North America
112616 Barbeau Peak2616CanadaN81:56, W074:59North America
122580 Monte Darwin2580ChileS54:40, W069:36 South America
132520 Mount Parry 2520 Antartica S64:16, W062:25 Antartica
14**2456 Timios Stavros 2456 GreeceN35:14, E024:46 Europe
152315 Mount Gaudry 2315 Antartica S67:32, W068:37 Antartica
162300 Mount Irving 2300 AntarticaS61:17, W054:08 Antartica
172256 Blue Moutain Peak2256JamaicaN18:03, W076:35North America
182210 Outlook Peak2210 CanadaN79:44, W091:24North America
192195 Golden Hinde2195CanadaN49:40, W125:45North America
202147 Mount Odin2147CanadaN66:33, W065:26North America
212105 Mount Foster 2105 Antartica S63:00, W062:33Antartica
222103 Mount Vsevidof2103USAN53:07, W168:42North America
23** 2453 Páchnes2038 GreeceN35:18, E024:02 Europe
242024 Pico de Sao Tome2024Sao Tome E PrincipeN00:16, E006:33 Africa
252005 Pico Turquino2005CubaN19:59, W076:50North America
262000 Hawkes Heights 2000 Antartica S73:32, E169:42Antartica