The Australia 50 Finest Mountains ranked by primary factor.

The list below identifies and ranks the 50 Australia mountains with the largest prominence or primary factor. A vertical ascent on foot of at least 600 meter should be honored in order to qualify as a legitimate climb, many peaks will require more.

The primary factor of a mountain is the minimal vertical drop from its summit before one can ascend a higher peak. In terms of map contours, this vertical drop is defined by the first contour that encircles a higher peak and the preceeding (higher) contour line which has the peak in question as the highest point inside its closed curve. Between these two contour lines lies the (usually unique) defining saddle of the mountain.

This list is based on data compiled by Aaron Maizlish and Jonathan de Ferranti, more information can be found here.

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Two stars behind the rank means that I have climbed it (2/50).

Saddle** **

RankHeightNamePrimary factorStateComment
1**2228 Mount Kosciuszko 2228 New South WalesOcean Australia HP.
21617 Mount Ossa 1617 TasmaniaOcean Tasmania HP.
31622 Batle Frere, South Peak 1327 QueenslandTBD TBW
41531 Mount Zeil 1322 NTNorth Territory TBW
51590 Bellenden Ker, Centre Peak 1240 Queensland TBD TBW
61986 Mount Bogong 1233 VictoriaTBD TBW
71235 Mount Elliot 1187 QueenslandTBD TBW
81121 Mount Bowen 1121 QueenslandOcean Island peak
91600 Brumlow Top 1112 New South WalesTBD TBW
101351 Thornton Peak 1089 QueenslandTBD TBW
11**1168 St. Mary Peak 1024 South AustraliaTBD TBW
121270 Mount William 1008 QueenslandTBD TBW
131026 Bell Peak 1008 QueenslandTBD TBW
141383 Mount Carbine Tableland 1000 QueenslandTBD TBW
******** Australia 1000 Meter Prominence. **** ** **
******** Australia 1 Finest above here. **** **

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