Ski trip Loen rundt (around the Loen lake)

This trip was an official Bergen Mountaineering Club (DNT Fjellsport Bergen) event, organized by Petter Bjørstad, starting on April 27 and ending on May 1.
After a very successful trip, despite pretty bad weather, in 2011, I would try a variant this year. Instead of skiing all the way to Lunde in Jølster, the Bergen Mountaineering Club would try to ski out the huge mountain ridge that separates Loen from Olden.

Jørgen Blystad Houge would serve as co-trip leader, the participants ended up being: Halvor Molvig, Kjetil Wedervang Mathiesen, Monica Valde, Espen Haagensen, Melanie Hetkamp, Eirik-Andreas Andersen, Ketil Djurhuus, Pål Bjørstad, and Eyvind Kayser.

Route Description
This is a very challenging route that circles the Loen lake and crosses a major part of the Jostedalen glacier. I consider this area the finest environment for alpine ski mountaineering in Southern Norway. It is a huge advantage if the weather is nice, part of this route should not be attempted with marginal weather. The route is also running through steep terrain and should not be skied before the snow has consolidated.Typically, this happens in late April or early May.

Approach: Locate Loen at the easernmost end of the long Nordfjord. Loen is located approximately at 61:52 north and 6:52 east. Near the luxury hotel Alexandra, locate the local road to lake Loen (Lovatnet). Follow this road to a parking area on your right hand side. A small forest road runs uphill to your left and there are signs for Skåla and Tjugen. This is the trailhead, location north 61:52.01, east 6:52.88. There is self serve parking with a fee (2011) of NOK 30.

The route now visits or runs very close to a number of very nice summits. Read about this route in a short section on each of the following summits:

        I Skåla, 1848m.

        II Bings Brekuppel, 1890m.

        III Tindefjellbreen, 1861m.

        IV Skålefjellet, 1925m.

        V Lodalskåpa, 2083m.

        VI Kjenndalskruna, 1830m.

        VII Høgste Breakulen, 1957m.

From here, the route runs out the challenging ridge between Olden and Loen. (photo credit: Anne Rudsengen)

        VIII Gjerdeaksla, 1848m.

        IX Strandanibba, 1785m.

        X Ramnefjellbreen, 1856m.

        XI Meleinsnibba, 1706m.

        XII Skavteigfjellet, 1548m.

        XIII Avleinsfjellet, 1500m.