Hallingskeid - Kaldevass - Myrdal. Trip Report, January 11-12, 2004.

This trip was part of an avalanche education program organized by the Mountaineering Club in Bergen (Fjellsportgruppen, Bergen Turlag). One should note that this trip covers terrain where avalanche hazards do exist. Conditions may change rapidly and careful judgements are important when skiing in this area mid-winter.

Hallingskeid - Vossaskavlen - Kaldevass

Ski north-west from Hallingskeid, towards the southern end of Nedre Grøndalsvatnet. Turn west and climb gently to the Øvre Grøndalsvatnet. A bit less than one kilometer west of the lake, the terrain gets steeper, the broadest gully on the right side of a cliff may provide good access to higher terrain. Alternatives exists on the right hand side before this slope.
Proceed in more gentle terrain to the lake 1194m. Under favorable conditions, one may proceed north along the creek from the north-west corner of the lake. Alternative routes exist climbing south-west of the lake or going more steeply north on the east side of the creek. As the terrain again is more level, one should head a bit straight north into the valley towards Baksafjellet, then traverse uphill to the west along a very distinct, broad ramp climbing gently towards 1400 meter. Immediately after the cliffs on the north side ends near elevation 1420, the route climbs steeply up directly south of point 1525m. A cairn may be seen on the top of this slope. Shortly after this hill you are on the lake 1480m at the east side of Vossaskavlen. Continue north-west across the lake and climb gently to the ridge line of Vossaskavlen. Ugly poles have been erected here (hopefully they will soon be removed). Continue down along the north-east edge of Vossaskavlen. Do NOT go down the middle, there is a large, vertical ice cliff at the bottom. Continue down the small valley to the Kaldavatni 1252m lake. The DNT hut Kaldevass is located on the ridge that runs north-south straight across the lake.

Kaldevass - Baksabotn - Myrdal

Ski across the lake and instead of turning up the valley SE towards Vossaskavlen, take the distinct valley that heads NE up behind the very distinct peak Kaldavassnuten 14xx meter. This valley turns more west higher up, follow it all the way to the saddle where the terrain starts falling towards the east. There is a pretty distinct hill (knoll) slightly south of east. The route continues south of this hill. With low visibility, proceed with care as there is a steep east facing cliff south of this hill. GPS coordinates N60:42.374, E007:06.721. In order to proceed, one should climb slightly higher and continue south until the terrain below can be skied. Continue east until the there is a very clear and level route going north. Locate a very distinct cliff due north with a small U-shaped gully (or small valley) going east on its south side. GPS coordinates N60:42.525, E007:07.027. At the east end this gully, the terrain is again steeper, but one can contour left (north) and descend on quite a reasonable slope. From this point, GPS coordinates N60:42.499, E007:07.179, one can continue down to Baksabotn towards south.
From Baksabotn, ski north, staying all the way on the far west side when descending to Langbotnen. The terrain further north to the Myrdal railroad station is quite gentle.
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