Jostedalsbreen 1994 - A tour over the Jostedal Glacier

These shots are from my trip over Jostedalsbreen in May 1994. The trip was taken by Petter Bjørstad, Erik Jahr, and myself.

The Jostedals Glacier is Europes largest and is located more or less in central Norway. This tour was some 60km in length, most of which was covered in two days.

The trip began at Vetledals seter to the north-west and ended two days later at Lunde to the south.

SMAATENE Big gif, Big jpeg
This part of the glacier is known as småttene and is a fairly steep climb. At this time of the year the going was fairly smooth, but it can be just a field of crevasses.

LODALSKAAPA Big gif, Big jpeg
After going up through småttene, we camped for the night at the foot of Lodalskåpa. In the evening we climbed the remaining 500m to the top of Lodalskåpa. The view below was at about 10.30pm

LOENVATN Big gif, Big jpeg
On the second day we set off from the foot of Lodalskåpa, our first stop was at the summit of Kjenndalskruna with a glorious view down towards Loenvatn

Big gif, Big jpeg
After some 45km that day we were nearing the end of our trip, before leaving the edge of the glacier we paused for a few moments at the top of a part of the glacier named only by its height - 1648. This is a very tired but happy Jeremy catching his breath in the evening sunshine at about 10.00pm.

Hope you enjoyed the trip, I certainly did!