Petermann Bjerg MOUNTAINS

This overview provides an overview of peaks belonging to the area near Petermann Bjerg, the highest mountain of North-East Greenland. This area is called Frænkels Land and stretches from about 73 degrees north to North 73:30, from 27 degrees west to West 30:00.

The climbing history of each peak is outlined. Each expedition to this area is required to file a report with the Danish Polar Center, unfortunately, many expeditions do not report on their mountaineering activities. This should have been a requirement by the Danish Polar Center, to benefit all future visitors to the area. In particular, the commercial tour operators (noteably Tangent and Hvitserk) do not file reports.
It is, in my opinion, rather questionable if these parties can claim first ascents of peaks, and then deliberately not publish the location and route climbed. If everything had been reported to the DPC, then that library would have been a valuable source of information. I visited this library in the winter of 2004, unfortunately, there is quite limited information available.

Please send email with additional information and or corrections to:, this may then develop into a source of information that is available to any interested party.

More peaks will be added as information is received.

Below, peaks are listed sorted by elevation. Location, primary factor and first ascent information is given, a link for each mountain may then point to more extensive information related to climbing history and other facts.

Copyright Petter Bjørstad
I appreciate that use of these data is acknowledged including a link to my main mountain page.

RankHeightNamePrimary factorLocationFirst ascent
12940 Petermann Bjerg >1000 N, W 1929
22700 Miriam Fjeld tbd N, W 1998
32651 Gog tbd N, W 1954
42632 Kalifbjerg tbd N, W 1998
52630 Torger Fjeld tbd N, W 1998
62615 Torstind tbd N, W 1998
72590 Tvilling Bjerg tbd N, W 1998
82570 Tangent Fjeld (SE summit) tbd N, W 1998
92564 Kerberus tbd N, W 1954
102560 Mehlums Tinde tbd N, W 1998
112510 Birger Larsens Tinde tbd N, W 1998
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