The 2004 expedition - G4 - Bergen Fjellsport to Watkins Bjerge

Expedition Summary:

This trip, organized and led by Petter Bjørstad, arrived by a Twin Otter ski plane in East Greenland on May 15, and departed (from a different location) on May 31. The 5 other team members were Arnt Flatmo (40), Ståle Grimen (35), Jan-Frode Myklebust (29), Per Ove Oppedal (31), and Torstein Skage (31).

The entire team climbed the 3 highest peaks on Greenland (and highest in the Arctic, north of the Arctic circle), and two team members, Per Ove and Torstein, became the first ever to (Telemark) ski from the very summit of all three peaks. In particular, their ski descent from Gunnbjørnfjeld, the highest peak, besides being a first ski descent took place on the Norwegian National Day, May 17.

The team went on and climbed two more peaks among the 10 highest, the 9th. highest, Styggehorn 3503 meter, being a first ascent by Petter Bjørstad and Ståle Grimen.

The team subsequently moved their Base Camp to approximately 69:00 degrees north and 29:10 degrees west on a glacier they named Bergen Gletcher. Eight more peaks were climbed in this area, all believed to be first ascents, as well as one additional first ascent while moving to the new location. In total, 18 peaks were climbed, with 7 exceeding 3000 meter.

The ALPINE JOURNAL, volume 110, published the following expedition summary.

The expedition filed a report to The Danish Polar Centre (as required), this report can be read here. The report contains a completer record of peaks ascended.

Read my illustrated diary from the trip.

Arnt Flatmo has published a very nice trip report (Under European Tops) (with pictures).