Display the 100 Finest.

Check out the very nice prominence cell map based on 1000+ meter cells, corresponding to the 99 peaks in Scandinavia.
See details of the maps termed TROMS and MØRE for better resolution. Thanks to Edward Earl for these maps.

Good hiking goals would be to (roughly in increasing order of achievement):

Climb the 26 RIBUS peaks in Southern Norway with more than 1000 meter prominence (COMPLETED 0409-2005 !)
Climb the 50 "finest in Southern Norway, (COMPLETED 0107-2009 !)
Climb the 50 "finest in Northern Norway, (I have 47)
Climb the 59 RIBUS peaks in Northern Norway with more than 1000 meter prominence (I have 56)
Climb the 50 "finest" in Norway, that is, the first 50 on this list (I have 47)
Climb the 100 "finest in Southern Norway, (COMPLETED 1208-2017 !)
Climb all 85 RIBUS peaks, ie. peaks with more than 1000 meter prominence (I have 82)
Climb the 100 "finest in Northern Norway, (I have 64)
Climb the 100 "finest" in Norway, that is, complete this list (I have 97).

Here is a Google Map interface to all peaks in Scandinavia with prominence of at least 600 meter, such peaks are called Major Peaks.
The subset showing only the 239 such peaks in Southern Norway is here.
I also keep a map of such peaks that I have not climbed, all of Scandinavia, as well as the ones in Southern Norway.

Confirmed or suspected corrections are most welcome by email to: petter@ii.uib.no

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Display the 100 Finest.

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