Argentina 2022, February 9th to 28th.

This summary provides a quick overview and easy access to information on the peaks climbed on my visit to Argentina.

Copyright Petter Bjørstad, 2022

DateHeightNamePrimary factorVertical hiked
February 103474 m Colina del Piedra del Molino 120 m 130 m
February 113723 m Cerro Tintin 766 m 910 m
February 145050 m Nevado de Chani 2131 m 750 m
February 162607 m Cerros de Pereyra 1635 m 850 m
February 175105 m Cerro Malcante 1903 m 1050 m
February 194740 m Cumbres Calchaquies Grande 1680 m 1900 m
February 203333 m Cerro Nunorco Grande 1098 m 1200 m
February 235550 m Cerro Bolson 3250 m 3120 m
February 266012 m Cerro Laguna Blanca 1777 m 1734 m
18 Days**** 8 climbs 8474 m 11644 m

I turned back on Nevado de Chani at elevation 5050 due to a health problem. I asked Adam to continue and climbed the peak (5930m) solo! Subsequent antibiotics cured the health issue.

A good report of the entire trip may be read here.

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