Oxygen Saturation and Pulse Rate.

The graph below (left) shows the development of heart rate (pulse) and oxygen saturation as a function of time and elevation. The units on the (horizontal) X-axis are days.
The upper curves are heart rate (pulse) per six second interval, while the lower curves are oxygen saturation/pulse.

BLACK: Elevation in thousand meter on the given days.                                             This figure shows the lower curves from the previous plot in more detail.
BLUE: Petter, age 56.
GREEN: Pål Jørgen, age 18.
Note that there is overall good correlation between the team members as well as between the elevation, puls and oxygen saturation levels. The figures reflects our first ascent of Ararat, including an extra day for acclimatization, the three days at low elevation, then the direct ascent of Damavand. Most measurements are taken in the morning before getting up, and all measurements while resting. A normal saturation/pulse quotient would be near 2, for example an oxygen saturation of 98 and rest heart rate (pulse) of 49. A ratio less than one is a clear sign of acclimatization trouble.

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