Morocco, June 16th. - 28th.

This summary provides a quick overview and easy access to information on the peaks climbed on my trip to Morocco in 2017.

Copyright Petter Bjørstad, 2017

Please note that individual trip reports are in the works, will be completed as we go. Come back for more details and pictures!

My only previosu climb in Morocco, of Jebel Toubkal can be found here.

DateHeightNameProminenceVertical hiked
June 182428 m Jebel Tirdinhine 1901 m 600 m
June 203340 m Adrar Bou Nasser 1642 m 1850 m
June 233619 m Jebel Igdet 1613 m 1500 m
June 264071 m M'Goun 1904 m 1965 m
9 days 13458 m 4 climbs 7060 m 5915 m

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