Romania 2011, August 7th to August 14th.

This summary provides a quick overview and easy access to information on the peaks climbed on my trip to Romania in 2011.

Copyright Petter Bjørstad, 2011

DateHeightNamePrimary factorVertical hiked
August 82544 m Moldoveanu 2046 m 903 m
August 82468 m Arpasu Mare 178 m 211 m
August 92519 m Paringul Mare 2103 m 1121 m
August 102509 m Peleaga 1759 m 907 m
August 111658 m Piatra Graitoare 153 m 153 m
August 111849 m Cucurbata Mare 1478 m 671 m
August 122303 m Pietrosul Rodnei 1578 m 1360 m
5 days ****** 7 climbs 7817 m 5326 m

Some general information as of August 2011. The best way to travel from (far away) other countries is likely by air to Henri Coanda International Airport, Bucharest, airport code OTP, the main airport serving the capital Bucuresti.
As of now, Romania is a member of the European Union, but has not yet adopted the Euro (currency) nor a member of the Schengen (travel zone). The currency "LEI" is about one quarter of a Euro. Romania is one hour east (ahead) of middle European time.
The country has a pretty good road system (under steady improvement), hotels and restaurants etc. can be found in almost every village beyond a minimal size. In August, the weather and general conditions in the mountains are generally very good. This is the most popular month for vacation, and a few places will be very crowded, still many nice areas are almost without any tourists. My guess is that September is also likely to be a good month for a visit to the mountains. The prices are still very low by most Western European standards, thus most people can certainly afford to spend 1-2 weeks in this interesting country.
The main mountains are located in the Carpathian Mountains, a huge arch that runs across a large part of the country.

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