The view from Trollvasstinden

Mountains are viewed from left (west) to right (east)

The ridge in the foreground is right (west) across Dalsdalen. This ridge originates from Felden (1272m) outside of the picture and runs across Bjørnadalshornet (1061m) and to Breidefjellet (980m). From this point the ridge steepens and falls off to the right (north).

Behind this ridge (across the fjord Dalsfjorden) and in more sunlight is Blæja (1142m) in the far back, with Blæjeskardtinden (1131m) more clearly visible with a nice bowl in front. The rigdge continues to the right to Storefjelltinden (963m) and then to the characteristic Tenna (990m). In front of Tenna is the north-west ridge from Trollvasstinden.
Further right (north) of Tenna, one sees Høgenipa (1097m) and several more (gentle) mountains.
Just left of Arnt, in the foreground, is Sandhornet (1065m), while the white, dominating peak on the right hand side of the cairn is Saudehornet (1303m). The villages Volda and Ørsta are both roughly along the line of sight to Saudehornet. To the right of Saudehornet is Vassdalstinden (1277m).

Kvassegga is the north-east ridge from Trollvasstinden, the cairn further out is called Kvassehornet. Further right and in the foreground (on this side of Austefjorden) is the pronounced Bjørnasethornet (739m). Across the fjord from Bjørnasethornet is an entrance to the main valley that cuts across to Hjørundfjorden. Koppefjellet (940m) is on the left of this entrance. To the right there are three distinct peaks with the middle one a bit more withdrawn. They are Snøhornet (1309m), Litledalshornet (1226m) and Blåfjellsegga (1285m). Across the middle of these peaks (slightly left) we see a very dominating and distinct Jakta (1588m).

To the right of the three mountains mentioned above, we find Sandegga (1389m).

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