I have been nominated as a candidate for the University Board

What is important?

To be a board member reflecting the interest of the entire UiB and all 6 faculties

To be available for the university community and ensure that the issues before the Board are transparent.

To challenge the university leadership in order to make them see issues from several viewpoints

To cut red tape and get the JOB DONE.

Why Am I qualified?

I have been professor at UiB since 1985 - I do know (and love!) the university.
I know what unique role UiB shall play in Bergen and Norway.

I have been department head and know how to stimulate education and research

I have served on the board of Bergen Research Foundation - I do know the importance of recruiting young talent to UiB

I have been research director in Uni Research for 10 years - I do know the importance of Uni.

I have started a successful company, I know how UiB can create added value

I have lived and worked 10 years abroad, helping me to see the larger picture

Here is my statement to the UiB newspaper På Høyden.

Petter E. Bjørstad, petter@ii.uib.no.
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