About me

Since October 2016, I have been a PhD student in Computer Science at the University of Bergen. I am part of the algorithms group and my supervisor is Pinar Heggernes.

My research interests lie mainly in the area of structural and algorithmic graph theory.


Blocking dominating sets for H-free graphs via edge contractions
E. Galby, P. T. Lima and B. Ries
ISAAC 2019 (to appear)   -   arXiv

A complexity dichotomy for critical values of the b-chromatic number of graphs
L. Jaffke and P. T. Lima
MFCS 2019   -   arXiv

Reducing the domination number of graphs via edge contractions
E. Galby, P. T. Lima and B. Ries
MFCS 2019   -   arXiv

Algorithms for outerplanar graph roots and graph roots of pathwidth at most 2
P. A. Golovach, P. Heggernes, D. Kratsch, P. T. Lima and D. Paulusma
Algorithmica 81: 2795-2828 (2019)   -   WG 2017   -   arXiv

Intersection of longest paths in graph classes
M. R. Cerioli and P. T. Lima
Discrete Applied Mathematics (2019)   -   CTW 2016

Classifying k-edge colouring for H-free graphs
E. Galby, P. T. Lima, D. Paulusma and B. Ries
Information Processing Letters 146: 39-43 (2019)   -   arXiv

Rainbow vertex coloring bipartite graphs and chordal graphs
P. Heggernes, D. Issac, J. Lauri, P. T. Lima and E. J. van Leeuwen
MFCS 2018

Parameterized aspects of strong subgraph closure
P. A. Golovach, P. Heggernes, A. L. Konstantinidis, P. T. Lima and C. Papadopoulos
SWAT 2018   -   arXiv

Transversals of longest paths
M. R. Cerioli, C. G. Fernandes, R. Gómez, J. Gutiérrez and P. T. Lima
LAGOS 2017   -   arXiv

Finding connected secluded subgraphs
P. A. Golovach, P. Heggernes, P. T. Lima and P. Montealegre
IPEC 2017   -   arXiv


Some to come soon :-)