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Here you can check the properties of your boolean function:

You can enter your boolean function in either its truth table, or its algebraic normal form(ANF) or its trace representation. Below are the steps needed to check your function:
  1. Specify the number of variables of your boolean function.
  2. Specify the primitive polynomial which is used in calculating the trace representation. If you didn't specify any primitive polynomial, a default primitive polynomial will be selected for the trace calculation.
  3. To Specify the primitive polynomial,  enter the degree of your polynomial, which is equivalent to the number of variables, and automatically you will get a list of primitive polynomials of the degree you entered.
  4. Currently, the trace calculation will not be performed when the number of variables exceeds 11. But the calculations for the other properties will be performed.
Input (hide)
Number of variables
Primitive Polynomial
Input type ANF |  Truth Table  |  Trace Representation (To know how to enter your boolean funtion, click here)