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Lining Up 512 X 512 repaints

Posted by Tom Blodgett on Tuesday, 6 March 2001, at 2:16 p.m.

I am in the process of repainting an aircraft (for my personal use only). I am using Paint Shop Pro Version 7. my question is, is there anyway for me to "line up" multiple 512 x 512 textures so that I can "carry over" the lines in the proper locations? This is a problem when you have paint lines that do not continue in a straight line. Any help? Thanks,

Tom (KORH)

Re: 512 X 512 repaints

1. Trial and error

2. Line up the graphics side-by-side, and assuming that they're in proper scale/relation to each other in the first place take note of the pixel row position where the line ends on one graphic and go to the same pixel row on the next...

3. Make a 1024x512 new graphic and paste your textures side by side there. then copy/paste the resulting graphics into their own 512x512...

4. ...I just had dinner, and am fresh out of ideas...


Posted by Frank Safranek/FFDS on Thursday, 8 March 2001, at 8:33 p.m.

Just what Felix said. Make a new BMP, PCX, or whatever that is 512 tall by some multiple of 512 wide. For example a fuselage that uses 4 textures would be 4048 by 512. Apply the FS pallete to it (if its a PCX) and then cut and paste the texture files into it. When you're finished, chop it up into 512 x 512 pieces remembering that eah is split (reversed) between left/right or top/bottom.

Or get a copy of Visual Aircraft Studio.

Posted by Ron Ackerley on Monday, 12 March 2001, at 12:29 a.m.

If I could add a comment here. Making a large image of 1024x512 or whatever to align the smaller individual images from the original textures can make things a bit easier. But it can get even easier still.

Create your large image, lets say 2048x512 with 16 million colors. Now press CTRL+ALT+G To enable an image grid.

Go to view and set the grid to 512x512 and choose a gridline color that contrasts reasonably well. Now open your set of textures and copy paste them into the new image you have just created. you will find that the images snap to the grid making alignment extremely easy.

After you have completed your repaint, do this.

Choose the selection tool and set it to rectangle or square. Turn off anti-aliasing for the tool. Now select the images and the snap to feature will grab very nicely in perfect 512x512 pieces.

This can really make things easier when trying to get things aligned just so. If at anytime while working on the image you want to turn off the grid you can simply press CTRL+ALT+G again. That way tools that are effected by the grid won't pull to the image borders.

Hope that makes it a bit easier for you.

Ron Ackerley