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Date: Tue Mar 13 05:14:31 2001     Number: 14751 of 14758
From: pvarn  (Paul R. Varn)
Subj: Re: thrust reverser var in FS2K
Status: Public, Read

If you use AirEd air file editor and a recent INI for it, the 2K reverser boolean toggle is identified. You also have to set the engine % power associated with the reverser also identified as the same setting in FS98 files. In turboprop aircraft, you also have to set the reversered prop pitch and reverser pitch timing. -Pv- >Hi folks, > >i am working on my next a300 version and want to squeeze as much details in as >i can get. Now just one question. What is the mdl hex var which represents the >thrust reverse enabled/disabled? > >thomas > >

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