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need a little help setting contact points?

Posted by Mark "SpinDry" Dyson/simTECH on Friday, 7 December 2001, at 8:53 a.m.

I know that defining the contact points and such isn't rocket science, but if you're like me it can get a bit tedious. I use a simple little spreadsheet that does most of the calculations for me, and lets me stick the numbers into spots that make sense. It goes on to arrange everything in that odd format in the aircraft.cfg file so I don't need to remember what column did what.

It handles metric or english units, and calculates the CoG height and pitch angle for you, and everything's in a format you can paste right into the file. I seem to always end up having to tweak something but this gets me started off so close the rest becomes comparitively easy.

Use it however you like, nothing in here that wasn't invented centuries ago when Trig was developed, so far be it from me to pretend I own this stuff. ;-)



Contact Points Excel Spreadsheet


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