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Setting a Seaplane for FS2002

Re: Seaplane sunk as a stone in FS2k2????

Posted by Viking on Sunday, 11 November 2001, at 1:36 p.m., in response to Re: Seaplane sunk as a stone in FS2k2????, posted by Jens Eirik Skogstad on Saturday, 10 November 2001, at 5:23 a.m.

Here is how to make your float plane work in FS2002. FS2002, like CFS2, is using easily edited text file s to set up the flight dynamics (the aircraft.cfg). This takes priority over any editing you do to the .air file that people are used to working with. This allows almost anyone who understands what the entries, and most of it can be found in either the FS2000 aircraft container SDK or the CFS aircraft container SDK, to edit almost any aspect of flight dynamics. Float planes need to have 4 contact points set for the floats, not the 3 of a tricycle landing gear or a taildragger. These contact points ave to be set as class 4 for floats. Nothing you can edit in the .air file will help you as that is will be overridden by the aircraft.cfg file. The easiest way to set up your plane for manual editing is to run the FS2002 aircraft editor and use the pulldown menu to set the 4 points to class 4 float. Since your FS2000 .air files only contain 3 landing gear, the eidtor will read this and only create 3 contact points. You will have to move the center one either left or right and add in the 4th one on the opposite side. Then you will have to play with the vertical heights and the static_cg_height to get the plane to load and sit on the water properly. I have my Otters working and they can be shut down to bob up and down gently as the wakes and waves on the water affect them. They also load without crashing or bouncing like a kangaroo with a hot foot. So, open that aircraft editor, load and save the aircraft and either keep editing with it or manually change the positions of the contact points using a text editor. Be careful because an improper entry will cause FS to hang as it's loading. Don't fret though, you can just begin editing over after after removing the offensive aircraft.cfg file.

> Hi!! I has checked how the aircraft are programmed and build
> up, think it must be difference in parametre in FS2002 than in FS2000,
> therefore the airplane are floating in FS2002 where the aircraft are
> builded of Microsoft. We must learn new programming and designing
> difference from FS2000 aircraft maked for FS2000, I has downloaded
> G max and it seem much difference from FSDS, has not learned enough
> how to animate or how to set to seaplane to floating etc,etc... Hope
> some come with a idea about how to use G max powerful to example tutorials...
> Some question????

> Jens Eirik Skogstad

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