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Ed Note: This posting was in response to the question "I'm working at building a list of part names to animate with and if anyone has discovered any, please email me so I can add to the list, and hopefully by next weekend I'll post what I have for you."The list has been alphabetized and tabulated for easier reference.Felix/FFDS

Re: GMAX Update - Animation Variables

Posted by Vala on Thursday, 1 November 2001, at 3:56 a.m., in response to GMAX Update, posted by Fraser Turner on Wednesday, 31 October 2001, at 8:36 a.m.

Tags for keyframe animation

aux_gear concorde_nose gun3 lever_pedals_l_r r_gear
barrel0 cowl_flaps0 gun4 lever_prop_pitch0 r_pct_lead_edge_flap0
barrel1 cowl_flaps1 gun5 lever_prop_pitch1 r_pct_lead_edge_flap1
barrel10 cowl_flaps2 gun6 lever_prop_pitch2 r_pct_trail_edge_flap0
barrel11 cowl_flaps3 gun7 lever_prop_pitch3 r_pct_trail_edge_flap1
barrel12 cowling gun8 lever_speed_brake r_pontoon
barrel13 crash_check gun9 lever_stick_fore_aft r_spoiler
barrel14 damaged0 gunner0 lever_stick_l_r r_thrust_rev
barrel15 Door_Cargo gunner1 lever_throttle0 r_tire
barrel2 Door_Passenger gunner2 lever_throttle1 r_wingfold
barrel3 elevon0L l_flap_key lever_throttle2 rudder_water_deploy
barrel4 elevon1L l_gear lever_throttle3 rudder_water_rotate
barrel5 elevon2L l_pct_lead_edge_flap0 lever_water_rudder shell_damage
barrel6 elevon3R l_pct_lead_edge_flap1 mount0 shell_hole
barrel7 elevon4R l_pct_trail_edge_flap0 mount1 tailhook
barrel8 elevon5R l_pct_trail_edge_flap1 mount10 thrust_reverser0
barrel9 endcaps1 l_pontoon mount2 thrust_reverser1
battery_switch endcaps2 l_spoiler mount3 thrust_reverser2
bomb_bay engine0 l_thrust_rev mount4 thrust_reverser3
bullet_damage engine1 l_tire mount5 trimtab_elevator
bullethole engine2 l_wingfold mount6 trimtab_l_aileron
bullets0 engine3 lever_collective mount7 trimtab_r_aileron
bullets1 f_canopy lever_cowl_flaps0 mount8 trimtab_rudder
bullets2 font_nnumber lever_cowl_flaps1 mount9 userdefined0
bullets3 g_lightStates lever_cowl_flaps2 nnumber vc_f_canopy
bullets4 gun0 lever_cowl_flaps3 Pilot vc_r_canopy
bullets5 gun1 lever_flap prop_pos0 visor
bullets6 gun10 lever_landing_gear prop_pos1  
bullets7 gun11 lever_mixture0 prop_rpm0  
c_gear gun12 lever_mixture1 prop_rpm1  
c_tire gun13 lever_mixture2 pylon  
c_wheel gun14 lever_mixture3 r_canopy  
cockpit_detail gun15 lever_parking_brake r_flap_key  
color_nnumber gun2      


Regards, Valentin


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