Downloading and installing Pratt on your own system

You can download the source code for Pratt (ANSI C) from

The latest released version will always be on the server in Bergen ( Currently this is version 2.1.

On the ftp server you will find a tar file Pratt2.1.tar. In order to install the pratt program, you need to:

$ tar xvf Pratt2.1.tar
$ make
This will normally give you an executable file pratt.

If your system does not have the compiler assumed by the included makefile, you will need to change the CC variable in the makefile to a C compiler which is present on your system.

Pratt has been compiled and run successfully on a variety of UNIX systems including Solaris, IRIX, OSF, and Linux. It has also been installed and run on OS/2 systems.