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The Signs and the Seasons

As mentioned above, each sign is associated with a particular season. All signs associated with the current season are enhanced, thereby adding +1 to all magical activities using those signs. Also, the relationship between the individual sahir, the season and the magic of his/her birth sign is a central one in the Astral arts of Arabia. All sahir gain greater power during the season of their birth, as that is when they are closest to the power that gave them life. The sahir receive a +1 to all magical activity during the season of their birth. In addition, all sahir have an affinity for the magic of their birth sign. During the season of the sign opposed to their birth sign, sahir must take a penalty of -1 to all magical activities. Sahir also have a minor magical deficiency with the sign directly opposed to that of their birth.


1 +1 to activities using the signs of current season
2 +1 for all magical activity during birth season
3 Affinity with birth sign
4 -1 for all magical activity during season opposing that birth
5 Minor Magical Deficiency with sign opposing birth sign
Table: Summary of bonuses and penalties

Hans Georg Schaathun
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