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Swords are the keys to Paradise.

He who draws his sword in the path of God has sworn allegiance to God.

The swords used by Arab warriors during the 12 tex2html_wrap_inline311 and 13 tex2html_wrap_inline311 centuries are almost exclusively straight, double-edged weapons nearly identical to their European counterparts. It is not until near the end of the 13 tex2html_wrap_inline311 century that curved, single-edged blades are generally introduced and they only slowly become the common weapon of Arab warriors. Highly curved swords such as the scimitar do not predominate Arab armories until the 15 tex2html_wrap_inline311 century and although it is possible to encounter curved blades in earlier periods, it would be quite rare.

Curved blades receive a +1 addition to their attack and damage bonuses, but a -1 to their speed and parry bonuses. They also require an additional 1' of space.

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